Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jay: Curious Crash

I discovered a curious thing yesterday.  Accidental Verbosity had been steadily getting close to 300 hits a day, mainly from Google, some from other searches and residual links to the blog or to pages on it.  I was pleased with that, as it gave it some value as a potential ad venue, if only to advertise things of our own like Deb’s shop

Meanwhile, at the almost a year old new blog, we’re still working on breaking 100 a day, and most of the hits are repeat ones from people close to us.  Add to that a few stalwart if less continuous readers, the relatively rare search hits, and odds and ends, and you have our current traffic.  Still, if text link ads hadn’t gone the way of the dodo, between multiple blogs there would be a fair amount of page rank and a bit of traffic to justify said ads.

Then yesterday I couldn’t find a post at Accidental Verbosity, even by entering the exact title in Google (this one, which has now been reposted here).  Since I use that method to find stuff I’ve written, and have found that same post with Google before, it was shocking.  Checking Site Meter there I saw this:

Click for the full size, which is just a tiny bit larger but still might be clearer.

There was an abrupt drop, about the 13th or 14th.

We didn’t get sandboxed, as most of the traffic remains from Google.

Page rank remains 5, which is decent, and which we have also achieved here.

It looks like an algorithm change, or a crawling change that misses part of the content.

The interesting thing is I believe the dropoff coincides with my last change to the templates.  I recently added a template with Deb’s Etsy shop, embedding it to show at the top of the sidebar on all pages there.  At the same time, I noticed that individual post pages still had text link ads on them that I thought I had purged several months ago, when they expired unrenewed.  I really miss that $500 a year.  I fixed that.

Boom!  Google crash.

If anything, they should have hated us for the link ads.  And they changed their algorithm to discount heavy numbers of links on a page long ago, so I would have expected a problem with the huge blogroll sooner.

I just don’t get it.

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Deb: To hell with New England and its weather forecasts!

Oh, it’s just SO MUCH LESS HUMID TODAY.  81 degrees, 82 percent humidity.  It’s a fucking garden spot.  If you want to grow fucking PALM TREES, anyway.

*[unintelligible], *grumble,* GREENHOUSE!*

And bless Kenny the Cowboy, wherever he is.

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Jay: Prince and Jimi Would Be Proud

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition. Purple falls under the element of Earth, and was once a European symbol of royalty; today it symbolizes the divine.

Personality Test Results

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Jay: Now I Know My…

Your Score: Linear A

You scored

Not much to say, really. You’re Linear A, the first alphabet ever written by the proto-Greeks - at least, as far as survives. Unfortunately, you made a bad career move and ended up being used by accountants and fish mongers, rather than to record epics. However, you did manage all your SEC filings on time.

Link: The Which Ancient Language Are You Test written by imipak on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I forget where I found this.  It’s been sitting here waiting to be posted sometime, or not.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Chuck Simmons.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To Sharon’s sister Suzanne.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jay: Mmmm… Food

In case you haven’t been there, I did a couple posts at The Married Guy Cook earlier.  One is a repost from October 2004.  There are even pictures!  Like this one:

Not only that, I still have time for another post before Hell’s Kitchen, on today’s experiment with chicken enchilada taco thingies of my own invention.

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Jay: One Funny Thing With the Gout…

One problem with having the gout flared up with a specific locus—the side of the left foot where it connects to the big toe, with a shade of red that varies with the current intensity—is that it presents an accidental target of almost testicular nature for the kids.

Last night Sadie managed to toss a big ball up in the air and land it squarely on the exact worst spot, as soon as I stopped guarding said spot like a hawk for a moment to avoid their exuberance.  They probably heard my pained scream a block away.

At least that didn’t make me feel queasy and leave me with an odd if not painful sensation in the afflicted spot for hours.  It merely went back to hurting as it had been, only more so.

Eight plus ibuprofen a day and otherwise nursing it seems to be helping, but it has yet to go anything like back to normal.  Yesterday was a good enough day that I was able to spend about three hours mostly on my feet in the kitchen, experimenting and cooking supper while the computer was off in response to the thunderstorms.  I just paid for it later.

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Deb: Yes, I’ve had heartburn. Plenty of it.

The kid’s got hair.  Plenty of it.

Everything’s looking good.

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Jay: The Great Rat Race

Between an e-mail exchange with Rob and seeing myself confused with Jay Tea in the comments at Wizbang, I was reminded of the good old days of blogging The Great Rat Race, in which I and Maripat of the original Right We Are!, being similarly ranked in the Ecosystem, had a race to the next level.  It was even promoted by NZ Bear himself.

That was the good old days in the blogosphere.

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Deb: Deb Macro


In other words, I’m off to Yet Another Ultrasound.

If I’m still in a crappy mood when I get back, maybe I’ll talk about how using a bad system to one’s own advantage doesn’t make the system good.  Then all of you can misunderstand me a second time this morning.  Or maybe I’ll just go make something for the shop.  Or clean my house. Or something.

3 weeks to go.  Can you tell?

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Deb: One more time.

I’ve seen multiple posts this morning mocking people who want the government to run the heath care system, so I’m going to jump in and touch this particular live wire one more time.  Just for fun.  Again with the understanding not necessarily equaling agreement, OK?  Though if you think I want the TSA to come to your house and watch you eat, I’m going to lobby for mental health benefits to be added to whatever plan we wind up with.  Because I’d much rather wipe out all of what’s there and start over, but that ain’t gonna happen.  We’ll have some sort of minimal government scheme soon.  If we really work at it, we can make sure that it costs a lot and doesn’t do anything, like in Massachusetts.  And won’t that be fun?  Nothing I love like a moral victory.

Honestly, I’m way, way more baffled by the folks who hate the idea than the ones who love it, because I’m pretty sure 9/10ths of the motivation is pretty damned easy to grasp: people are afraid.  Health care is very, very, very expensive, and health insurance is very, very, very expensive, and even if you can afford the insurance you run into problems with being able to afford to use it, you run into problems because it has limits, and you run into problems getting it at all in a lot of places.  Given that a single sudden illness can easily undo years worth of work if you’re uninsured, and sometimes accomplish the same thing even if you are insured, I think it’s entirely logical that folks are looking for a safety net.  They aren’t thinking about whether it’s the most efficient thing economically, they aren’t thinking about whether that means the government will be too far up in their personal lives, and they aren’t thinking about whether, in the long run, research and development will suffer.

They’re thinking about what happens if they get sick. 

I’m going to say this one more time, with emphasis: It is entirely rational to fear losing everything you own to a random event.

And until you come up with a better idea than shrugging your shoulders and pointing out that you shouldn’t be poor, then, and a better idea than trying to pretend that health is totally under the control of the individual (in which case, having the TSA watch you eat would make sense, really, wouldn’t it?), and until you come up with a better idea than preaching about how government is bad and then using it to mandate what people buy, and until you come up with a better idea than babbling about free markets while vigorously defending a system that’s anything but, I’m going to go right on understanding the single-payer proponents.  Because misguided as they are, I like that they give a damn.

I recommend you start by working out for yourselves why Medicare = good and government health care for younger people = bad.  I rather suspect it has something to do with vote counts, but don’t let my interpretation get in your way.  If you can explain that one to me, maybe we have a place to start with a market solution, after all.

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Deb: I married a genius.


You all knew this, I know, but it bears repeating.

Today’s feat?  Zucchini that I not only ate willingly, but went back for more of.

I know.

Like I said, genius.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jay: Squash?

Request for thoughts on serving squash over at MGC.

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Jay: Meeting Report

Sharon was able to attend and has a Middleboro town meeting firsthand account.  I can believe the circus atmosphere.

I thought the meeting took a remarkably short time, considering the time involved in smaller meetings I’ve been to at which controversial or hotly contested (and sometimes complex) decisions were made.

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