Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jay: Hooray for 300,000

We are 12 10 away from 300,000 here at Blogblivion.  When we stopped posting at Accidental Verbosity, we branched the counts.  Thus BB includes everything at AV to the point when it was launched, plus what BB has generated since.

This is why Accidental Verbosity long since crossed 300,000 to reach 328,852 and counting currently.  It still generates as much as three times the traffic of Blogblivion, despite most of it being from search engines.  That’s current numbers, too.  It was still as much as five times higher, when last I checked.

Anyway, yay for us!  Perhaps someday we’ll go back to being compelling enough to have traffic in the form of readers, rather than mere search traffic to pump the numbers.  It might be an interesting exercise to see just how high how fast one could generate traffic with a new blog that was intent on traffic building, no matter the source and means.  I’ve seen it done and kept up vigorously by people who were new when I was new.  I wonder if it would be that much harder four years and millions of blogs later…

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Jay: Oops, There Goes The Voice

Well, not entirely, but I’m sounding more than a little froggy.  It’s trying hard to get dragged away by wild hoarses.

I’m sure the smoke now infusing my office airspace from the apartment upstairs will help.

Oh well.  At least I’m leaving the house for a while, which given the above could actually be a Good Thing.


So ironic that this search was one of our most recent hits, for which we are the number to result.

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Jay: Partial Post-Christmas Post

This was basically a continuation of this post, but where you see this come to an end, I wasn’t done yet.  I think Deb called me away to help wrestle kids or something, and that was the end of it.  Never did get back to reporting on Christmas.  Here’s what I was writing, as far as it went:

Speaking of Christmas, next year it will be on a Tuesday, and that ought to make things interesting.

Last year we went to dinner at my sister’s on the 24th, leaving the 25th all our own.  That made it no big deal that Sadie took every waking hour to open everything.

This year on the 25th there was a buffet at my brother’s, which worked out nicely in terms of seeing people and good food.  However, it meant Sadie and Valerie each took three items out of their stockings and opened one present before we had to leave the house.  Once Sadie opened the Play-Doh bucket, containing Play-Doh and a mess of tools, mainly cookie cutters but also an extruder, everything had to stop while she played with it at the table.

We were sure the gift opening would have to continue this morning.

However, after seeing her cousins, the next ones up in age among the first cousins (versus the once removeds, like Julia, and the seconds, like Casey), tear into gifts, Sadie came home with a whole new perspective, aided by my decision to be aggressive.  We managed to get through it, and Deb opened the rest of hers, before bedtime.

After seeing Sadie play with a Magnadoodle toy belonging to Alicia, I wished she had gotten one.  She just loves to draw.  On the other hand, crayons come in multiple colors, which Sadie has a remarkable feel for.  She’ll color on a sheet of paper and what ought to look like scribbles ends up looking deliberate and surprisingly coordinated.  And when she’s done, she’s done, it goes aside as finished work.

Anyway, we also had dinner at my sister’s on the 24th.  Which was great for exchanging gifts, seeing the uncle from Maine who is unnaturally good at buying perfect gifts for people he sees but once or twice a year, and letting the kids worship their older cousins, Brittany and Jalenie, and favorite uncle, Gary.

I Sadie got a rather decent “toy” keyboard, just one of her Coolest Toys Ever, yesterday.  Valerie thinks it’s okay, but at my sister’s house she wanted to play my brother in law’s acoustic guitar.  She launched herself after it as if she knew what it was, and sat entranced while my brother played it.  Like “oh my God he’s making music come out of it, my hero!” Valerie also totally hit it off with her great uncle Roger, in a way I can’t remember seeing a baby or toddler do before.

So there were two days of Christmas, and bustling out of the house to get to other places.  Next year there won’t be a handy, universally guaranteed day off the day before.

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Jay: That Came Out of Me?

I’m at the “that came out of me?” stage of the aforementioned plague.  On the other hand, at least the stuff is expelling, rather than staying in the sinuses and lungs until (remarkably copious and efficient) production outstrips capacity.  On the other hand, I could do without waking up frequently to cough.

I found a stash of old generic Sudafed and have use two a day to help things along.  That has me tempted to risk the police state wannabes to renew my supply, rather than going cold turkey after the single remaining pill is gone.  It just works so well.  Except for making me tempermental, even in that small a dosage.

I’ve been having trouble putting down BMOC by Warren Meyer, and Deb had the same “problem” with it.  Ultimately one or both of us will review it, but based on her reading and my partial reading, it’s highly entertaining.  That despite being not of my usual genre.  We received it as a review copy, but I wouldn’t have regretted buying it.  It helps having something so good to read while I’m laid low by our viral overlords.

I keep writing partial posts that don’t get finished or posted.  I think I have three sitting in the editor right now.  Either I get carried away and naturally run out of time, or get interrupted and lose the thread or compulsion.  I’ve been thinking about either posting them as examples of the partials that tend to get deleted after days or even weeks when I realize they’re doomed, or of actually making myself finish them.  (Sadie!  Valerie!  Get down from- Leave my keyboard alone!  Valerieeeeee… Leave those books on the shelf...) I’ve discarded no less than three extensive yet unfinished posts for the new tech and business blog that really will have to go active after the first.

So you might see some of that later, and maybe some pictures of the brats kids.

Then there are the posts I think of writing and never get too, even if they are just quick observations like how ridiculously low our gas and electric bill was for the latest month.  Not sure the relative prices, but we used only 2/3 of the gas this year.  In 31 days versus 29 last year.  Yay for global warming!  Well, that and rope caulk and plastic window insulation kits.

There’s the dead DVD player post.  Yup, it’s dead Jim.  Not merely pretending like a few weeks ago.  That’s on my shopping list, and maybe now that Christmas is over, I’ll be able to peruse that section of the store enough to be sure the selection is as pathetic as it appeared.  At least they’re cheap.

Anyway, I need to go get some more coffee.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Jay: Quick Hand Me The Sudafed!

Oh wait.  I might make drugs out of them thar useful pharmaceuticals, so we can’t risk that, no matter how much congestion has spread to my chest, and no matter how fucking insane the entire concept of the drug war was from its inception.

What is it about that whole thing anyway?  Not one President has the balls to say “hold it, this isn’t working, no matter how unconstitutional, costly, or harmful our tactics”?  Is there a real-life mind control ray focused on Washington to banish that particular hope of rationality?  Perhaps a conspiracy exists to keep the criminal element rich and powerful while increasing the government’s power?  One might almost think so.  Since they decided they didn’t need an Amendment for this one, it’ll be far harder to repeal.  Clever.  Tricksy power grabbers.  We hates them we does.

But I digress.  The plague is if anything worse today, and now we all four have it at some stage or another.  Yay.  Worse, I have no choice but to go to Wal-Mart for provisions.  We’re out of Maalox and a few other key things.  Sad.

I’m tempted to try to buy a bed for Sadie while I’m out.  I wanted to check Building 19 before resorting to Wal-Mart and/or BJ’s, but that means even more out and abouting.  We think the problem is her actual bed and its size, possibly combined with its location and that of other stuff in the room, with maybe a touch of lighting issues all wrapped up in “protect me daddy.” She can be in her room, even on her bed, in the dark, with us, no problem, as long as it’s not involved with actually going to bed.  Considering that she turns completely sideways on a queen size bed and stretches most of the way across, the toddler mattress isn’t cutting it, and maybe a twin will be small.  Current theories include that she had a bad dream - she does have a rather Calvinesque imagination - or fell out of bed one too many times, or maybe got herself caught and trapped or hurt by the bed rails.  She tried to explain to me the other day, but the several animated sentences were all in Sadie tongue.  Based on that, she seems to have a problem with the ceiling, which makes no sense unless inspired by a nightmare.

Anyway, hopefully she’ll get over it Soon.  At least she timed it for after Valerie started sleeping mostly through, sometimes even doing Sadie’s more normal “sleep like a teenager” routine.

At least ranitidine is still legal.  I’m out of that, too.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jay: Dare to Differ

You Are Placid and Peaceful

It’s not that you’re scared of most thrills

It’s just that you don’t need them to be happy

You’re content with life as is… no need to change it

Just make sure to let loose a little every now and then!

How Daring Are You?

Via Leslie, who says it’s all my fault.

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Jay: Air Apparent

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you’ve been able to rise above the angst of the world.

And when things don’t go your way, you know they’ll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.

You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you’re an open person.

With you, what you see is what you get… and people love that!

What’s Your Element?

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jay: Hmm…

I see my posting times are all an hour off.  Sort of, since if you changed them by an hour, they’d still be a couple minutes slow.  Perhaps it’s a server clock problem.

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Jay: The Plague

Yeah, I’ve got that.  And you know it’s good when you notice mild delirium as one of the symptoms.

Yay for Christmas gatherings at which everyone is sick.  Yay for kids in school who bring this crap home.

The only thing that could make it better is to have a two year old who’s inexplicably afraid of her bed.  And apparently the dark, especially in her bedroom.  And perhaps just plain of falling to sleep.

Oh wait.

Well, that and the dire need to be perfectly healthy, which I wasn’t before the plague struck, to make some pretense at keeping up with everything I need to do.  Oops.

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Jay: President Gerald Ford, Rest In Peace

President Ford has died at 93, beating Reagan and Adams as our longest lived former President.

I always thought highly of President Ford, and of Nixon’s selection of Ford.  He was exactly the right man for the job at the time.  While I rooted for Reagan in 1976, and we probably had to go through Carter to get to Reagan (and to give us Volcker and a start on key deregulation; even Carter got a couple things right), it still seems sad that Ford never had a term all his own and gave us what would have to be a significantly altered history.  That he even came close to beating Carter speaks highly of Ford, considering the timing and circumstances.

Via Wizbang

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jay: Blargh

Christmas should always fall on a Friday.  Or Saturday.  Yeah, that would be even better, with the 24th as the work holiday.

The trouble with the 26th being a work day is the need for a recovery day.  We’re just wiped out.  And for me the day is a pile of what-firsts that pretty much won’t slow the whole week.

I need to bill.  I need to go to the supermarket and get the stuff we’re low on or out of, like milk, that I didn’t get in the couple days before Christmas.  I need to register the van.  I need to work on the van, which is a whole other post.  I need to get the van worked on.  There’s at least two full weeks of client work that I could do before the end of the year, at least half of which is way more should than could, and should for too much of it is a polite word for must.  After the year turns, I have massive amounts of stuff to launch into, and Arisia the weekend of the 12th in the midst of it.  We’re not broke enough and/or saving money to go to Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky to skip it this year.  The big client won’t slow down much for at least the first several weeks of the year.  When they do slow down, it probably will be so precipitous that I will have wanted to prepare vigorously for that in my copious spare time.  That and after the year ends we get into tax time and I need at some point a week or so essentially dedicated to that.

But some of that isn’t this week.  It just makes this week loom as a shadow of what’s to come.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my friend Jennie in Connecticut.

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Jay: The Morning After…

You know you’re questioning the toy selection when you start suggesting to your kid it might be fun to play “remove the batteries.”

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Dave Schuler.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my cousin Sandy’s son Ruben.

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