Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jay: Cake!

Just a quick, preliminary post about Sadie’s (very happy) birthday yesterday.  Have to leave for work.  I’m also behind on my food posts, like my fried eggplant (Deb: “This is good!” Sadie: “Mmmm.") and lemon fried chicken experiments, which overlaps with the birthday because we tried mainly chicken pad thai (Valerie’s newest “best food ever!") from the new Chinese place.  And there was cake.  And an ill-fated set of small cupcakes.

This is the cake, $4.99 from Shaw’s in Easton, chocolate with peanut butter frosting and mounds of chocolate frosting with Reese’s Pieces on top:

Video in which we hold Sadie up to the counter and try to get her to blow out the candle (4.27 MB).

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my nephew Dan, who is 18 today!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Jay: Happy Birthday

To Sadie!  She’s two years old today.  In a few hours, we might have gotten her to open the wrapped presents, rather than simply admiring their pretty wrapping and inherent variable rectangular shapes and sizes.  More later…

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger spouse Mrs. Smash.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jay: Happy Birthday

To apparently former blogger Victor of Publius.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deb: Gilmore Girls Premiere

So strange.  You could tell that the Palladinos were missing from the thing without being able to put your finger on exactly what was different.  Everything felt just slightly off.  And yet, if they had to leave, this was a good juncture to leave at, because there was a bit of a mood shift going on anyway.  I’m curious to see whether the non-Palladino-ness bothers me more or less as the season goes on.

I love the injection of doubt over just who--if anyone--Lorelai will wind up with when it’s all said and done.  Though sleeping with Christopher seemed to me to be an attempt to put a punctuation mark at the end of the Luke phrase, and not a comma at that, it’s still interesting that he’s the one she turns to.  It feels too romance-novel-pat an ending, but at this point a fixed relationship with Luke would be too, in some ways.  And I’m not sure how wise she would be to go that way, either, when it’s such a damned basic personality difference making all the trouble.  You have to make space for your partner to be who he is, but you also have to pick a partner who you can give that space to comfortably.  I’m not sure that’s there.

Ought to be interesting to see how this plays out.  I hope it’s done well.  And I hope that this is the last season.  I don’t think I could take an attempt to spin it out beyond that.  It’s time for a resolution.  They’ve got 20-odd episodes left to play with, and it should be dead easy to resolve this in that much space.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Bruce of mAss Backwards, who is excited about the big 4-0.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jay: What A Gas

And I thought $2.29 was good!

Currently around here it’s low of $2.29 at multiple stations, commonly more like $2.35, and still pretty normal to be $2.39 or so.  As of yesterday, anyway.  It seems to have been dropping as often as three times a week.  I’m to the point where I wait longer than I might to fill up because it’s likely to be less if you wait a day.

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Deb: Now, on to the truly important questions.

Like, do we watch House and tape Gilmore Girls or do we watch Gilmore Girls and tape House?

Anyone who suggests TiVo gets a loving kick in the kneecap.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Jay Manifold.

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Deb: Because it makes you feel like ASS.

And people know when you’re lying to them:

That’s what Mehra calls an “education gap,” in which clinicians don’t sufficiently communicate to patients the “value and side effects of beta blockers to patients.” Some patients assume that depression, fatigue and sexual dysfunction occur due to beta blockers, but studies indicate that the “frequency of [these] side effects is so low that we over-attribute [the side effects] and stop the drugs.”

Bullshit.  Beta blockers make you feel like ass. 

And exercise takes a lot of time, and cooking right takes more time, and if you’re scared you’re going to die are you going to spend all of your spare time trying to fend death off and then wondering what for? or are you going to do something you like to do when you aren’t slaving to keep your health insurance?

I know from experience that it is completely fucking impossible to simultaneously change pretty much everything about your personal habits overnight, no matter how afraid you are.  (Ever try to eat when you’re pregnant?  If you followed every rule, you’d exist on air.  But you’d have to move to an unspoiled mountain peak before you’d be allowed to breathe it.)

Doesn’t seem that hard to figure out, but I’m just some dumb blogger chick.  What would I know?

(ADDED): Actually, if I had to tell these fellows what to tell people, I’d tell ‘em to be honest about that the side effects can be bad at the beginning, but that you do get used to the drugs a bit and you stop wondering how death would be worse a few weeks after starting the things or increasing your dose.  You may never feel quite exactly the same, but the new normal tends to be acceptable if you wait it out, at least in my experience.  Telling people that it’s all in their heads is counterproductive at best.  That’s the sort of thing that makes people write off everything the doctor tells them from that point on, and then where are you at?

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Deb: Banana on the Cob

I’m not sure what’s happened to put Sadie off of the centers of bananas, but for the last several weeks she’s refused to have anything to do with them.  Like just now, she swiped half of the baby’s banana and ate half of the half, because she insisted on eating it corn-on-the-cob style.  She left the nasty carcass in the recliner for me, too.  The kid’s all heart.  LOL!  But seriously, I’d love to know wtf the banana-middle-fear is all about…

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Jay: “But I love it!”

That is Sadie’s latest sentence, and perhaps the clearest one she has said so far.

She said it in response to being asked to stop stepping on Deb’s shins (ouch!) and climbing on her.  Deb is not just a mom, but also a jungle gym.

Sadie is something else.  You’re lucky if she’ll actually say yes or no in answer to a question calling for one or the other, but she bursts out with a completely unexpected, multi-word value judgment.

She also seems intent on learning letters and presumably reading at the same time she learns to talk.  It’s fascinating.  She frequently pretends to read, or will point at a page and say different letters.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jay: Question

Do you think that asking on a blog for feedback on how to proceed with a business holds too much danger of coming across as not knowing what I am doing?

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Jay: Sigh…

I went to the office Friday night and came home late last night, spending a lot of time working on servers, and having people help with prep and maintenance of workstations.  Initially it went fine, but in the end, after from-scratch reinstalls of Windows 2003 Server.  Then I ended up in the same place; the servers unable to see each other.  One of them is also plugged into the internet and sees that fine.  One of them is also plugged into the old network and sees that fine.  Each other?  Not so much. 

Yet it worked at first.  I was all ready to move into the Exchange setup phase.  Which really means doing a bunch of preparatory stuff I don’t yet grok first, because instead of just being a setup, Exchange 2003 setup asks what kind of setup you mean to do and then gives you a checklist of stuff to do for whichever one you choose.  This whole Active Directory thing is so whacky.  And newfangled!  It’s only been around since Windows 2000 Server, after all.

Anyway, I found evidence that the problem might be a matter of registry permissions.  I saved investigating that for today, when the last thing I want to do is go back and continue this.  I’m a zombie, and that’s after 3 1/2 mugs of strongish coffee.

Meanwhile, I described the situation to a mailing list I am on of people who Know Things.  The reply so far is “you’re doing WHAT?!  No, don’t!” Which is probably half accurate assessment, and half not realizing what all the details are and imply.  For instance, the trust relationship is temporary.  On the other hand, apparently trying to have two domain controllers is a Really Bad Thing.  Who knew!  Maybe it’s way too NT of me, but I assumed having a backup controller would be a Good Thing.

I think I may have to change the configuration again, and ironically doing so may be easiest if I reinstall.  Again.  But hey, I’m getting closer each time.

It’s also starting to appear that the new network would come off better with one server to do nothing but be the controller, which I had no reason to expect previously, when I assured them they’d bought everything they’ll need for a while.  Well, server-wise anyway.

I tried to get Dell to quote me for Microsoft Office licenses and the guy there refused because I should wait until the new release comes out in November.  The one that won’t run on most of the computers we have.  So ironically another guy at Dell last week notifies us that there is a rebate program from Microsoft if you buy licenses of the current version, and we should hurry to take advantage of it.  Doh.  Scary that they can offer a rebate of $125 per unit.  That implies the licenses are perhaps double or so the cost I might have expected.

Oh well.  Apparently writing this helped wake my brain up.  Either that or that final(?) half mug off coffee took me over some threshhold in which caffeine trumps dopamine or seratonin or whatever causes the zombie plague.  Barely.

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