Friday, June 13, 2008

Jay: Obama/McCain Poll at RWN

I participated in the latest Right Wing News poll, which has some interesting if not entirely unpredictable results.

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Jay: Sweet Potatoes

Based on what it seems is wrong with Henry, besides a couple of more traditional allergies and some hay fever types of reactions, salicylate sensitivity, he should have sweet potato in moderation or eve not at all.

It’s been somewhat mysterious that it seemed to be one of his problem-free foods based on trial and error.

Levels can vary depending on the individual vegetable or fruit, growing conditions, how it’s prepared, phases of the moon, whatever.  Plus quantity matters, which is why some of the seasonings that are high are less an issue than they might be.

He finally reacted clearly, unambiguously, and intensely to sweet potato yesterday when I gave him a large pile of it to finish off leftovers.  I think the specific one was part of the problem, but ultimately it was about quantity.  We’ll lay off sweet potato for a while, then keep the amounts low.  Looks like it’s time to buy butternut as a substitute.

The good thing is that would seem to confirm my diagnosis.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Kate of KateSpot.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jay: No Birthdays

No birthdays I know of today, a rarity in June, so this’ll be my obligatory post for the day.

The car remains stranded in Sharon.  I called my brother and left a message last night, as it was rumored he could help me with it today, which is possible because Deb is on all early shifts now.  Meanwhile, I suppose I really ought to work on getting stuff for the yard sale ready, even if I have to drop it off and have it sold by others, or get a ride, or whatever.  That all hinged on having the car, but I also needed to spend pretty serious time working toward preparing.  If we can’t do much with this one, we may ask the landlord if he’d object to our having one here.  Probably not, as he seems to object to little besides having a pool for kids.  But then we’d feel like we had to ask the neighbors, too, see if they wanted to participate.  Damn politeness!

I’m trying to organize the whole “do what I can to make money from home” thing better, with some explicit unfettered time allotted me evenings and Deb’s days off.  Some things can be done in those minute or two or five interludes I get between kid demands, but I need to have them listed and planned out enough so the whole effort isn’t wasted on “so what did I need to do next?” There’s a lot more ad revenue available, and while we won’t live on that, not without serious content and traffic buildup at least, managing that is one of those little things, and boom, there’s the money for, say, utilities each month.

Posting more actively, even if it’s quick links to interesting stuff, makes the blogs more viable for ads, so you’ll see more of that.  At least on the WordPress ones, since I can post so quickly via w.bloggar, which doesn’t work with Expression Engine.  That’s about the only thing it doesn’t work with, and there’s even a version now that doesn’t use Internet Explorer in the background.  It was always annoying, that links in preview in the editor would open in IE, and of course IE was used programatically for the HTML rendering in the editor.  There’s now a version that uses Firefox instead.

One of the reasons Carnival of the Capitalists went on hiatus was the time it took me that was annoyingly uncompensated.  I miss the structure it gave each week, with a publishing schedule, but TANSTAAFL needs to rule.  I’m planning to revive it, starting with a fundraising edition, the success of which will help determine to what degree it continues, and the amount of advertising I deploy at that site.  Another project, which isn’t impossible to do in small chunks so much as it’s annoying.

Anyway, off to it.  Need more coffee, and a glass of water.  Have to keep drinking to combat the gout, which seems to go hand in hand with some swelling and water retention, duh, from getting underhydrated.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jay: Gout Attacks

I haven’t had trouble with gout to speak of, lately, until today, when it came on suddenly and at least as severely as ever.

As I may have mentioned, from peak weight to recent low weight I lost 55 lbs, 45 this year.  The diet is a bit different, if not as much so as you might think, and more fully natural.  Still, I’d expect if I ate pinto beans for a few days, I’d get an outbreak.

My first thought was limited fluid today, though I drank plenty yesterday, and stayed in AC a lot, and the weather in general.  That’s likely a factor.

However, the cookout Sunday saw me sent home with a banana bread with cranberries, a bunch of sour cream bars, and most of a loaf of homemade bread.  Deb and the kids ate the bread, though I had a slice or two at the event itself.  However, I ate most of the banana bread and most of the squares in a binge of wanting them not to spoil and, hey, free food.  Kind of weird, as I don’t eat much for sweets these days, and even carbs are only moderately from bread.

I’m intrigued by the possibility that the binge on that stuff was a factor.  If anything, I’ve had less than usual that should contribute.  Heck, I had salad two nights in a row, so I suppose I could speculate about that.

I just hope it goes fast.  Now back to stuff I need to get done while I have the chance.  I started replying to a job solicitation around 10 hours ago and it’s still on my screen, partly written.  Figured I’d reply, even though I don’t think I have the qualifications they want.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

Actually, the birthday I have in Outlook for today, extracted from genealogy data at some point, is for Arthur Manuel DeArruda, born in 1937.  I don’t have the relationship noted, or even know if he’s alive or what, but he’s probably my mother’s cousin.

It was a sufficiently crazy day that I just remembered birthdays now, while having a little while of alone time in my office to do something that isn’t catering to kids, cooking, cleaning, or being so inconsequential that the inevitable and frequent interruptions won’t matter.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jay: Jen Still Speaks, But You Gotta Find Her

Jen reports that her blog formerly known as Jen Speaks, called Lintefiniel Musing, is down rather convincingly, awaiting action by the host.  Armchair diagnosis says that it’s likely a server outage, as opposed to, say, a DNS problem, which appeared to be the case with the old home of Weekend Pundit when Blogmosis went down.

Here is the Lintefiniel Musing backup site where Jen can be found in the meantime.  Since she lost her blogroll (though the wayback machine might have a copy), she’s asking people she reads to leave their blog (well, a link to it) in her comments.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To Melissa, my third oldest niece, who is 19 today.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Jay: Happy Birthday

To former blogger Exgaucho Ben.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jay: Yay

We drove the Buick for the first time today.  All the way to Sharon.

At Central Street and route 18 in Stoughton, the brake pedal went to the floor while I was stopped at the light.

The brakes work marginally so it’s not impossible to drive, with the right caution, traffic, etc.  However, the brake line is leaking near the passenger side rear wheel.  Feels like it sort of rusted through.  It was fine driving the rest of the way up near Cobb’s Corner, with caution.  The emergency brake has more stopping power than most I’ve ever seen.

I got a ride home from one friend, after they convinced me not to nurse the car home even alone.  Turned out the back road I was going to take is closed and I’d have to have driven in real traffic, which is annoying.  Deb and the kids are riding with another friend, who fortunately is going by here on her way back to the Cape, and who fortunately has a borrowed car that fit all the car seats.  Which the Buick only barely did, and that by not using Sadie’s good one.

Now I need to recruit my brother to help me get up there and patch it, say, tomorrow evening or something.

Kick.  Kick.  Kick…

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Jay: Busy for Someone Lazy and Broke

Wanted to toss out a quick post before I hang out and vegetate for another day.  Heh.

Cross your fingers that the car from my aunt works okay, since it’s registered and having a shakedown today when we go to Sharon to see friends, including one who is doing her lucky if it’s annual visit from Oregon.  Can’t afford the gas, but we didn’t have to fly across the country.  As such, we have to get the car seats in and so forth.

This morning at 10:30 there’s some kind of mortgage inspection the landlord has to have done, and they might need to come in here in the process.  There’s the tail end of making the place look more respectable in anticipation of that.  We’re curious what in the world it’s about, as that could mean a sale, which would suck.  And be a silly time for it, in a down market.  Then again, if you bought in the late seventies, down relative to peak, even by 30%, is still going to be a nice cashing out.  More likely it’s a refinance or leveraging this property to buy another because, hey, it’s a down market so good time to buy.  Or it’s a stealth excuse to inspect our apartment and find a reason to throw us out, but that’s just the paranoid outlook.

The baby isn’t going to let me type much more and I rilly rilly need to get to work on stuff, but…

In 1998 I went on a vacation to Canada, my first and last in forever.  Well, 5 1/2 years, if you could California to meet Deb, while still monitoring work and directing someone designated to be my hands back at the office.  But anyway, on the way back, I stopped at LL Bean in Maine and bought a T-shirt, among less memorable clothes.  It was never my loosest shirt, smaller for its size than they should run.

That shirt is, I am pretty sure, looser on me than it has ever been, which is an interesting anecdote about where my weight was when, given the stretches of time when I didn’t monitor it.  I peaked at 308 and had a stable high of 298.  Yesterday I hit a not yet stable low of 253, and am solidly 255 wanting to be 254 this morning.  Counting to the low yesterday, that’s 55 lost, 45 of it this year so far.

All apparently a metabolism thing by going off drugs that make you gain weight so you can get sneered at that you wouldn’t need the drugs if you’d just lose weight, because only fat slobs have high blood pressure.  With a bit of atavistic eating thrown in for emphasis, since apparently eating like someone pre-industrial food, if not pre-agriculture, agrees with me.

Okay, time is flying by so I have to get another coffee (sugar, no artificial sweetener to confuse the body about calories consumed) and see about cleaning and organizing more.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Venomous Kate.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger (and cartoonist) Scott Adams.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jay: Happy Birthday

To Laura, my former sister-in-law and mother of five of my great nieces and nephews.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Jay: Happy Birthday

To Helma, my late uncle Billy’s first wife, and mother of my two oldest cousins.

Speaking of cousins, there was some discussion the other day in which one of Sadie’s cousins didn’t realize there were 19 of them in the generation of kids, ranging from the one who will be 35 this year down through Henry, who will be 1.  In my case, both sides combined, living and dead, there were 26.  That is, I had 25 siblings and first cousins.  That I know about.  If the family sometimes sounds big, yeah, it is.

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