Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jay: Best Day Ever, Sans Hill People

Hooray for Mars Phoenix settling that there is ice on MarsW00t indeed.

Next up: Microbes and microbe accessories.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Kevin Aylward.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jay: Geeky Hosting Post

I was looking closely at our hosting, as one of the accounts was up for renewal the 10th and I have no idea how I’m going to pay the $112.20 for the year yet.  Failure isn’t an option, as there are people advertising there who we’re obligated to keep the site up for in some form, and it’s the content that would be hardest to move.

I was thinking maybe we could get a hosting account with greater capacity and merge two of the three together (having more than one, even more than two, does have valid reasoning, so I had no plans to consolidate all three).  Credit the balance of what’s been paid already on one of the plans, bringing the outlay down.  Sadly, we’re 8 months into the year for the one in question, so the net would be more.  Oh well.

Partly for any who might be interested, and partly as an additional place where I can refer to the info, here are fun details about our hosting accounts (well, there’s a 4th, with GoDaddy, but that’s just used for a static site for now, and an e-mail address, and the hosting isn’t good).

Elhide hosting (the one that needs to be paid)
Using 362 of 700 MB disk space, 18 of 80 e-mails, 6 of 25 Addon domains (total 7 domains, in other words), 7 of 25 FTP accounts, 5 of 8 MySQL databases (that is, there are 5 blogs there), 1 of 4 mailing lists.  So far this month we have used 1895 MB of 40,000 MB bandwidth.

AV hosting (this one)
Using 282 of 700 MB disk space, 7 of 80 e-mails, 1 of 25 Addon domains (total 2 domains, in other words), 3 of 25 FTP accounts, 2 of 8 MySQL databases (that is, there are 2 blogs here).  So far this month we have used 5716 MB of 40,000 MB bandwidth.  The reason more domains aren’t here is because we were low on disk space and bandwidth before the hosting specs were upgraded and our traffic fell dramatically.

GP hosting (still mainly for business or stuff that was expressing intended to be commercial, like CotC/Bizosphere)
Using 154 of 550 MB disk space, 15 of 60 e-mails, 6 of 15 Addon domains (total 7 domains, in other words), 4 of 5 FTP accounts, 5 of 6 MySQL databases (that is, there are 5 blogs here, one of which I expect to purge), 1 of 2 mailing lists.  So far this month we have used 570 MB of 30,000 MB bandwidth.  The disk space and bandwidth suggest room for more activity here, but this hosting has yet to be upgraded, which seems to be a matter of rolling upgrades as servers are updated, so there’s mainly a database limitation.

Anyway, back to work sprucing one of the blogs to allow it to host ads more easily, so I can list it, and then other work and errands.  If I’m lucky, a small check from a client will be here on time to go to the bank while I am out anyway.

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Deb: Speaking of the Boy

He’s sleeping so much better!  I think he’s finally sleeping through more than he’s not, though if he goes to bed too early he’ll be up with the sun.  Or earlier.  But the lack of wake-ups between bedtime and morning are a new and very welcome development.  Yay!

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Jay: No Birthdays

This is one of those blank days for birthdays, a rarity in June.

Deb is home today, so it’ll be another day of my trying to do work, plus some errands and organizing what money there is.  If I didn’t already, I may start some reposts/updates of particularly good, relevant or classic posts from my old blogs.  We’ll see, but I sometimes have trouble creating content these days, and the content is important to making the blogs worthy of ads, and the ads help finance our continued existence.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jay: Feeding Henry

After a few days for his skin to clear and heal, Henry is looking and acting as good as he ever has, following the clear reaction to sweet potato.  He has shown no signs of trouble with wheat, period, and is thrilled.  Tonight he had pasta.  Plain, but pasta, which he thought was cool.  He has also had:
Club crackers
A couple tastes of French bread (after seeing it was made with no milk products)
Flour tortilla, as noted
Generic oat O cereal, plain and with rice milk

He went crazy for the cereal today, in a bowl with rice milk, just like the girls had.

He has been found sucking on dry shreds of cheese twice in the past few days, where one of the girls had dropped it, with no ill effects.

In recent days he had lentils for the first time.  I cooked some of them in chicken broth, spooned some out for him, and threw the rest into soup.  Having never tasted lentils other than in soup, I didn’t realize they were so strongly flavored.  I was reminded more of some of the stronger green vegetables than of beans.

He tasted those, made a face, then apparently decided he loved them.  They were one of the things he ate for a couple days.  He tends to get a good mix.  For instance, tonight he had a bunch of ziti, chicken I’d cooked for him last night, pinto beans partially seasoned (oregano, onion powder, garlic salt, but I added stuff like pepper after I scooped out some for him), and corn.  He could have had rice, had there not been pasta.

Both of those are great additions (as are the beans, of which we are almost out), because wheat adds variety and is low cost, and lentils are low cost and nutritious and keep.

This means we ought to be able in the next day to try him with peeled golden delicious apple.  That’s negligible for salicylates and should be fine, where most apples aren’t as good.  Though I think the biggest problem might be apple juice.

He doesn’t seem to react to anything spiced since the possible reaction to black pepper one time.  I sort of half try to keep him away or modify what I use, and half just go with it.  Like the chicken, it had a ton of spice, but his was a big piece that didn’t get as doused or crisped.  He’s clearly fine with onion and garlic, which are both safe, but not without precedent as a sensitivity among relatives.  He’s also had stuff spiced with at least a dozen herbs and spices, most of which are high or really high, but as spices they aren’t consumed in quantity.  Low level?  That we can live with.

We’re low on provisions, and I need to get carrots and maybe butternut for him, and restock some meat, on which he gets priority.  I’d like to try him with summer squash, and he’ll probably like fresh green beans if I can get some.

It’s nice that it seems to be kind of in check.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger One Fine Jay, who recently asked a really good question.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Jory Des Jardins, who is 36 today.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jay: Them’s The Brakes

We have the car back, thanks to my brother.

He’s very thorough.  The brake line was bad around the area where it sprung a leak.  It was worse on the other side.  He replaced all that needed replacing.  He also did the front pads, as they were close to gone, and the bleeding valve broke, so the part that’s in had to be replaced.

I spent $16.99 of the $13.75 from the yard sale for brake pads and lubricant.  He spent $32 or so on the other parts, so we’ll have to pay him sometime.  My nephew did a ton of running and also drove my brother home, which was awesome.

Now it’s going to need a couple tires soon.  Otherwise it’s in good shape.  When I drove it home, I wondered aloud if he’d tuned it up or something while he was at it, because the car sounded like it was running dramatically smoother and quieter.

Yay for having two cars!  And being able to transport kids!

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Jay: Wheat

Henry can eat things with wheat!  The house is pretty empty of food, but damn, that opens up so many options.  He is eating a cracker as I type this!  If it has no milk products, he can eat bread.  It totally makes up for what is going to have to be a near prohibition on sweet potato.  And again, it fits with salicylates being the problem, in which wheat is safe unless there are multiple food issues (as apparently with dairy).

Speaking of wheat, I have the urge to bake bread today.  It’s 56 out currently.  Not sure I have enough sugar.  Kids want more flour tortillas.  My first batch ever came out excellent.  That was Henry’s intro to wheat.  Reintroduction, actually.  And see, we aren’t as worried as we might be because of all the stuff he ate without having overt allergies, just eczema like crazy, which was of course the lower level sensitivities.

Anyway, kids call…

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Jay: Yardsale

Well, the yard sale was kind of a bust, except the kids had a blast, it was fun, and including what we left on the side of the road, we got rid of a few large items.  The big sale was the old vacuum cleaner from the office, which went for $5 to an eager buyer, the 2nd to express an interest.

What next?  Maybe another try in our yard.  Maybe at my grandmother’s, which would be better for the kids having fun and location would be good enough, with some promotion.  Maybe some attempts to sell some of the same items in other ways.

The take was $13.75, where I was expecting at least $50.  Oh well.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jay: Today’s Order of Busy

Today I’m participating in a yardsale in what should be a better location than my own would be, on a busy road in town.  I dropped stuff off last night, wishing I could come up with even more, despite filling the truck.  Well, I add what it’ll fetch and wish I could come up with more.  I may yet grab more small stuff.  My nephew is giving me and the brats a ride there between 9:00 and 10:00, and my brother will be working on my car nearby, so later there will be some shuffling along those lines.

I started typing this before 8:40, now it’s 9:03.  Sadie is up but the others are still sleeping.  I have to wake and dress them and have everyone ready ASAP.  Looked in on Valerie and went to snap a picture of her sleeping angelically.  Dead batteries.  Apparently every AA battery around is dead too.  We haven’t been able to afford new ones, and no longer have a BJ’s card to get the very best price on lithium ones that actually last.  We’ve been using up my “buy in bulk so you never don’t have batteries” supply of standard ones and nursing them.  Unfortunately, batteries are a necessary business expense and some must be bought.  Apparently right away.

Okay, off to torment sleeping children so we might be ready to go on time.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Jim Treacher.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Doug Williams.

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Deb: Pondering Negativity

You know, I spend a lot of time laughing at those shitty self-help books that claim you can become a millionaire by wishing it so, but the principle probably stands to some degree simply because of basic human psychology.  You can’t do something just because you think you can, but you sure as hell can’t do something you think you can’t. 

Just pondering the many species of psychic leech again.  Don’t mind me.

Come to think of it, though, isn’t the media one of the species?  You’ll never make anything of’ll be raped or murdered or become a drug addict because you had a glass of wine when you were 14 and saw someone smoke in a movie...and that’s only if you survive the coming Depression That Will Make The So-Called Great One Look Like Child’s Play Because Oh My God The Gas Prices Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so forth.  The pessimistic people around us are amateurs by comparison.

I wonder what percentage of my slump of late has to do with the tiny, secret belief that there’s no point in trying.  Funny how trying anyway makes me feel better, but you know?  The whole world is in a snit at the moment, and I don’t blame it, even if it *is* for all the wrong reasons.  That’s got to rub off on a body.

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