Saturday, June 28, 2008

Deb: Overheard in our house, impressive connections edition:

Jay: You know, in a way Lee Iacocca invented the modern carseat industry.

Deb: Um, that was kind of random.

Jay: Not really.  I was thinking about ABBA.

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Jay: So 250…

Has been my low twice now, which leaves 2 lbs to go to be down 60, and 20 to go to be where I’d be thrilled to call a stable target.

Since this is happening essentially without trying, except that some changes seem to have kicked even the effects of drug cessation metabolism change along harder, I have no idea where it will stop, or that it won’t plunge right on past any goal I might have decided upon partway through.

If 205 was actually a stable wait that maintains itself on the right diet, but which took work to maintain back when my diet was crappier, perhaps that’s where I’ll land.  I’d expect the process to slow down by then, at least.

Obviously it’d be bad if this is medically induced in a bad if not yet obvious way, but I think it’s otherwise.

What’s weird, besides shirts hanging so loosely and such, is things like no longer being able to sleep on my belly as comfortably, and the baby clearly not being as comfortably laying on me to nap as I lean back in my chair.  Which needs to be replaced, as it’s hopelessly broken, and that’s buried under tons of other priorities, like eating and keeping the utilities on and such.  A shame Valerie destroyed my spare desk chairs.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my sister Lynn, who is 51 today.

I recently realized that in three years, none of the five of us will be under 40, only two will be under 50, and the oldest will hit 57.  Yet… it doesn’t feel old.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Jay: One for Caltechgirl

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Jay: On The Agenda

Herding kids per usual.

Making beans to supplement leftovers.  I love cooking two nights and then having two nights of the leftovers making it easier.

Dealing with bureaucracy.

(Pause for literally hours to do aforementioned herding and post a couple items that were easier or whatnot...)

Nursing my hand that’s too sore to want to use the mouse and isn’t so thrilled about typing.

Work on composing and preparing a bleg, of it can be called that, for work, in context of explaining what we have in mind and why, subject to possible change or serious traditional offers considered, depending how serious and what happens with Deb’s career.

Work on the same basic thing to mass quantities of contacts, some of whom may not know even peripherally about the situation, and many of whom would be well aware my abilities.

The usual dishes and cleaning and organizing.

Work on a more traditional bleg on the possibility there might be any additional sympathy when I explain the next major hurdle we have to get past in order not to be completely screwed.  The PayPal button is still here, in any event, and won’t stop being useful for a long time, or appreciated ever.

Look at the washing machine, which seems to be acting up, and try to find the info for the service plan we paid for, if needed.

Test our electric usage to see if something is draining excess power, including the possibility that something not in our apartment or on our cellar outlet might be tapping it.

Clean the office.  Still.  Again.

Clean the bedroom.

Go through our stuff to purge/segregate/organize for sale more of it.

Run the car before the battery has a chance to fade out again.

Find a plate holder for the front of the car without spending any money, since there is none to spend.  Don’t want to drive it too much with the front plate sitting in on the dashboard.

Backup some pictures.

Reorganize some site hosting stuff.

Post ad info regarding our sites, maybe try to sell more to existing accounts, and pimp that further in any event.

Put together a “back from hiatus” fundraising Carnival of the Capitalists edition, speaking of raising money and advertising.  A couple people donated to us a while back and mentioned it as a thanks or hoping for return of CotC, so it’s partly for them, but also both to let people put their money where their interest is, and help me determine whether that site should remain ad-free or ad-limited, or whether I should load it up or seek sponsorship more vigorously.  In any event, that’s been part of my plan for trying to raise about $3000 in the next six weeks, some of which would be needed no matter how much I can make conventionally.

Update my LinkedIn profile and my resume and extend some of that to other networking-oriented sites.  Update the business site to reflect what I actually intend, until such time as someone makes me a serious enough offer to back off of that.

Probably a slew of other things I’m forgetting or that are trivial or that are implicit.

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Jay: Epic Fail

Holmes window fan that’s reversible… by physically removing and turning it around.

Ironically, my excellent window fan that is switchable to exhaust is also Holmes brand.

The first one also isn’t as good otherwise.  Because we use it in a window in the kid’s room, at the top of the window, whenever someone burns and stinks up the place, I have to remove it, reverse it, fight to get it back in so it doesn’t rattle or vibrate, and turn it back on so there’s airflow and white noise, but it’s keeping out further smoke and removing what had come in.

The other one is in an office window, also high, and if I need to reverse it I only have to turn it off and change the setting on each of the separately controlled pair of fans.  The other one is all in one.  I only have to remove it for the rare times I operate the AC, which has only been run on a couple of days so far.  We got blasted so badly up front that, say, 85 and humid feels reasonable.

I must have paid less for the bad version, but I don’t remember it being that noticeably inexpensive.  I just can’t imagine what led to a design decision to promote a fan as reversible and making that a physical rather than electronic feature.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Daniel the History Nerd.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jay: Heller Decision

I posted this first at Tersosity, but it’s great news and on the long side for there, so I’m cross-posting here:

As expected, and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that 5 of the Justices can read and have a modicum of sense, as reported and elaborated at SCOTUSblog (where commentary will probably be ongoing, as it presumably will at Volokh), the Supreme Court has struck down the DC gun ban and clarified the scope of the Second Amendment in a way recognizable as sane to those of us with sense.  One might suggest the decision falls short, or take a more absolutist view, but this is at least rational enough to keep the anti-human scum self-defense banners in check.  It is sad that if was 5 to 4, and there are so many on the Court who clearly can’t read, but at least the anticonstitutionalist component of the Court isn’t in the majority as it was for Kelo.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my good friend Tom, who was also born in 1961.  We met in 9th grade and hit it off.

Tom is the friend who coined “Jay Solo” as a pseudonym for me.  Every reference you see to me under that name, and perhaps the entire fact that the online world knows me by my middle name?  His fault.  Which includes the fact that I met a wife who knew me up front as “Jay,” and therefore didn’t have cognitive dissonance in that regard when around my family, about the only way I possibly could have.  He also got me hooked on letter writing, though that may have happened anyway, which was the precursor to blogging, which was the logical outlet for a pent up urge to write similarly that burst forth starting in 2003.  Not until then only because I resisted.  I could easily have been one of those who started in 2002.

My life would be a dramatically different thing without his influence, the good outweighing the questionable.  I think.

Here’s to many good years before the game is up.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my nephew Jonathan, who is 13 today.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jay: I’m Analytical, in a Sense

My personality type: the analytical thinker

Via Rob Sama, who is a dynamic thinker

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Jay: June 3rd Kid Pictures

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Jay: No Birthdays

For the last time this month, it’s a day with no birthdays to post.  I could have sworn I had one for the 25th, but it’s not in my calendar, so none it is.

This is the first day of what will be Deb’s “permanent” schedule, until next time it changes.  At least from my perspective, since I think Monday through Sunday, while the employer’s week is Saturday through Friday.  Where last week it was Tuesday and Wednesday off, this week and presumably beyond it will be Monday and Tuesday.  Which makes them my prime work days, and days when leaving the house is easiest.  Obviously with a running car the kids fit in, I can go places with all of them, or can get someone to sit while I am able to go if needed.  Part of the reasoning behind two weekdays off instead of at least one weekend day off is that we only have three days to cover during the traditional business week, if I am engaged fully during that at any point, even for short bursts.

Since it’s the first day she goes back after two off, that means it stands to be more… interesting, as the kids have to adjust again.  On the other hand, with hours the same each day, it all works more smoothly than it did with alternating shifts.

Perhaps I can even do something useful today… perhaps even remunerative.  What a concept!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jay: Addendum

When I did the aspie post I meant to include ABC by The Pipettes.

I’d never heard of the group before, but the video came up along with kid ABC videos on YouTube, Sadie played it, they ended up liking it, and I was intrigued that someone did a song about a classic aspie/geek guy whose romantic attention is hard to get.  The part that drives it from sounding geeky and obtuse to sounding aspie is the part about not being in “any of his categories.”

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my grandmother, who is an amazing 92 today.

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