Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jay: Carnival of the Vanities Celebrates Four Years

Carnival of the Vanities, the original blog carnival, completes an amazing four years with the 208th edition of CotV, hosted at First Carnival, the new home CotV.

Nine of the original fifteen participants are still blogging, and this special CotV edition highlights those, in addition to the usual mostly good, definitely eclectic stuff.  Check out the leader of the Carnosphere.

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Jay: Duct Tape, The Force, and… Oprah?

This is weird.  I just happened to run across attribution of this quote about duct tape to Oprah Winfrey of all people.  I happen to know that it originated with a guy named Carl Zwanzig.  I first saw the quote online in the early nineties, and while I don’t know the guy per se, we’ve run in the same SF fandom circles, and I think maybe I wrote him a check when I was treasurer of Arisia.

Oprah?  I mean really.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Deb: It’s going to be a snarky day.

So I see this NYT headline this morning: Speed of the Spread of Flu Is Linked to Airline Travel and my first thought is duh, really?

Of course, my second thought is, well it’s a lovely thing that they’re killing the airline industry then, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s a two-fer, right?  No planes, no terrorists (bwhahahaha...if life were that simple I’d be queen of the world) and no planes, no flu!  Right?  Right?

Very safe.

*looking for a brick wall*
*bangs head*

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Jay: Is It Wrong of Me…

To have just read Sadie an entire book channeling William Shatner?  It was kind of fun.  Cuz, you know, nobody tells you that reading to your kids involves the same books so repeatedly as to get boring.

“Hush!… sweet butterflies… not… another peep.  It’s time… to find a place!… where you… can go to sleep.”

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Deb: An hour in the life.

For your amusement, I present Things That Have Happened in the Last Hour Here At My House:

1.  I go into the kitchen to get a drink of water.
2.  Since the baby followed me, I ask her, “Are you hungry?”
3.  She smiles, so I break out the sweet potatoes.
4.  Sadie comes in, does a quick happy dance, and takes her diaper off.
5.  I ask her if she wants to go potty.
6.  She starts to pee on the floor.
7.  I say “no, not on the floor,” and she stops (mental note, the control is there...) and I scoop her up and go sit her down on the Potty of Doom™.
8.  She sits there and sits there.  I figure I’ll join her.  No sooner do I sit down than…
9.  I hear the sweet potatoes hit the floor.  Apparently, I’d left them within reach.  Gah.
10.  Nothing from Sadie.  She gets up and follows me back to the kitchen, where I’m doling out puffs to settle the baby and trying not to step in the impressive puddle of baby food or the little puddle of pee.
11.  I throw a towel at the puddles and start feeding the rest of the jar of food to Val, before she has a chance to come unglued…
12.  And just when I’m smelling victory, I hear the unmistakeable sound of pee hitting floor behind me.
13.  Sadie empties her bladder with great joy as I chant, “this is what I wanted you to do in the potty, in the potty, Sadie,” in a small, defeated voice.
14.  She takes off running, leaving a trail of wet behind her.
15.  I laugh, because the alternative isn’t crying at this point, it’s a total breakdown. 

Oh, well.  The floor got cleaned!  But Oh. My. God.

And you wonder why I don’t post anymore.  ROFL!

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Jay: History Gone in a Puff of E-mail

I had thought I’d be different this year.  Instead of posting pictures and recycled memories, and apart from my anticipatory post that’s down on what 9/11 has made of us, and even instead of posting a longer version of the down post that posits a better response and set of subsequent events, I came up with another idea.  E-mails from the day.

On September 11, 2001 I went to the computer to check e-mail and so forth, then went to MSNBC as was my habit before I read many blogs.  The picture made me run to the TV.

The rest of the day I went back and forth between the TV and computer, trying the web, but mostly on e-mail and Usenet.  I corresponded repeatedly with the receptionist at my client, where nobody did much work that day.  She was the only one who had no real chance to get away from her desk and watch the TV in the big conference room, so I was supplying news and rumor as I heard or read it.

I wanted to review those and, unless it seemed unworkable, excerpt them here to give a glimpse into the feel of the day.  Yes, I keep e-mail that long.  I do have e-mail from Spetember 2001 archived on this computer… but none from 9/11.

Which makes sense, because at that point I hadn’t configured my e-mail account at the client to forward me a copy via the internet.  So I checked internal e-mail.  Apparently at some point the September 2001 e-mail seemed Just Too Old to me.  Folder’s there; mail’s gone.  2002?  No problem.  Damn!

Which perhaps leads me back to posting nothing further at all, or elaborating on how we went astray.  We’ll see.  For now there is work calling me and it will not be denied.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To friend and colleague Abel.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To friend and former colleague Buddy.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Smash, who also notes other historic events on this day.

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Jay: Just So You Know

If you ever have hosting for one domain, and you turn on hotlink protection, remember that when you setup a second domain on the same hosting account and graphics won’t show up properly.  Just sayin…

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Jay: Once Upon A Time…

If you are new to us, our most recent prior art can be found here.

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