Monday, December 31, 2007

Jay: Yay!

The weather system never lost its warmth.  It’s a bit wet and icky out there, but no snow.  Apparently the record will stand.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jay: Yuck

This takes place roughly 1 AM to 1 PM Monday.

When I didn’t go do errands Friday afternoon, this was nowhere in sight.  Tomorrow is going to be… interesting.  I can’t not go to the bank, even if it’s the one in the mall (weirdly, the closest branch) so it’s open late.

Looks like we’ll get our record December snowfall, which a couple days ago they were certain couldn’t possibly happen.


Oh well.  Ham’s been in the oven long enough that it’s about time to peel and cut up potatoes and butternut squash to go with it.  Then it will be sandwiches, pea soup, and packets of ham pieces for scrambled eggs or perhaps other things, like beans or mac and cheese.  Gotta get our money’s worth, even at $1.69 a pound.

Perhaps I’ll make some applesauce too.

Even with having to go out tomorrow afternoon, regardless, I still feel like I ought to scrape up some cash from around the house to get milk and diapers.  Perhaps a couple things of babyfood.  But it can wait, really.  I hope.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jay: Ick

The weather outside is frightful.  Kind of like the smell from Sadie in her overnight gear.

What’s annoying is even though the temperatures are only supporting a mix and what’s been falling is doing serious damage to the snow depth, for some reason the place is permeated with chill.  I’m not ready to throw chicken leg quarters in the oven as planned for sometime today, but it seems wise to make the planned banana bread now rather than later.

Anyway, I think I’d rather have pure snow than seriously slushy mix, unless it’s going to be mainly rain and melt what’s there into oblivion.

Okay, Sadie is reminding me by coming up and saying “I did poop.” Guess I’d better take care of her.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Jay: Sleep

I slept for seven straight hours last night!

At least, I believe it was about 12:30 when I fell asleep.  It was 7:30 a minute later when I woke up.  It was wonderful.  I flipped the coffeemaker on en route to the bathroom, pleased that Deb had left it ready to go while I wasn’t looking.

Then it was probably a mistake to lay back down, as the additional three hours was restless, for all it felt like I could keep going and going.  Even with part of it not as good, getting nearly ten hours sleep is amazing.  The big thing is that seven hours, and how absolute it was.

The plan was to get up and go out to finish the shoveling.  I like to have it clear enough to take advantage of the temps that can melt it and the interaction of sun and blacktop.  Looking out, the guy upstairs has shoveled around his truck, and the lady downstairs is out shoveling behind our cars, where I was anticipating having to do.  Wow!  That is almost in her path to go in and out of her customary spot, but still.  She’s parked up near the street as a snow measure.

Fourteen inches and it’s not officially winter yet.  At least when we get a snowy December we generally make up for it in one of the other winter months, but we’ll see.  Sunday looks like snow changing to rain here, which could be pretty messy.  More significantly, lots of wind.  That means way too high probability of losing power, for us.  We have outages way too often when it’s sunny and windy.  Perhaps all the people who are moving to South Carolina have the right idea…

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Jay: Snow Equals Exercise

This afternoon I went outside with Sadie and Valerie and set out to clear the driveway of the first 4 or 5 inches of fluffy powder.  Sadie wanted a shovel, so I got her the collapsible car shovel, just her size.  Valerie just kind of wandered around, admiring the snow.  Sadie spent most of her time “helping” with shoveling snow.  At one point the two of them discovered the turtle sandbox.  Someone else had used it and left the cover off, so it ended up being like a mini ice rink.  Before I went to the store, I put the toys in it and put the cover on as best I could with the toys holding it up.  figured why make it worse.  Well, the girls went at it like it was a dig site, brushing the snow off and unearthing the turtle to lift the cover.  Cute.

The gal on the third floor had dug a path from the cellar door to the street earlier.  She saw me and came out to help.  I decided to discount that she had heard the landlord would be having it plowed, as that has always been expressly not his policy, so I did the awkward end of the driveway, she did the rest, and by the time we were done there was an inch of snow in the places we’d started.

Deb came out and got Valerie partway through, before I got insistent that she go in because I thought she was too cold.  Sadie persisted in staying out there with me the entire couple hours and rebelled when it was time to go in.  She should have gone in sooner, but it was a lesson for her about knowing when she is getting cold and what it feels like to be prickly warming up.  She was sorely disappointed when she could not climb the mountain of snow against the garage.  Too fluffy.

I could have sworn I felt the snow getting damper while I was out there, maybe even a bit of sleet.  When we went in, Deb had heard them saying it was turning, so I was right.

I figured I’d go out again sometime after 8:00 when it was approaching done, do some more and get the rubbish out to the side of the street.  I ended up waiting until my pumpkin bread was done (or close enough to turn off the oven and let it slowly finish).  The lady downstairs was working on the street end of the driveway and part of a path, and had the first barrel out near the street.  We each took one of the others.  I finished the path, cleared where the barrels go behind the building, widened the path, gave the driveway a wide opening rather than a barely one car can pass opening, widened what she’d done, added a couple feet clear behind her car, and from there to the steps widened the path almost to car width.  I also made the trash barrels as accessible as possible to the trash guys, who will have a hard enough time in the morning.

She’d planned it all out so the third floor guy, who was at work delivering pizzas in this mess, could park in the clear area in front of her and she could get around him and out if she had to leave first.  He arrived home just after I came in and parked in his normal spot, where it was unshoveled.  I was amused but not surprised, and had almost gone ahead and dug him a spot for that reason (though it turned out there wouldn’t have been time).  Deb figures he saw where she had dug and thought “someone else dug that spot, I can’t take it,” in an entirely different set of logic from hers.

The lady downstairs also reminded me I ought to have parked up along the side of the driveway to save shoveling way to the back.  Rather than thinking it was great that we’d gotten ahead of the shoveling (apparently we had about 14 inches officially) so there’d be less on the second pass, she thought it was a waste because “it just has to be done again.” Odd.  After she arrived home to a clear driveway she didn’t have to touch until later.

I was pleased that I still had the ability to settle in and go like a machine for a couple hours.

After I came in from tonight’s touchup, we were talking about what an odd tick it is that I like to shovel snow just so.  That is, neat sides, thoroughly clean within reason, wide opening, and so forth.

If we’re lucky, the kids will sleep well tonight after being outside a while.  I know I should.

Pumpkin bread?  Yup, from an actual pumpkin.  The other day I cooked a larger pumpkin, which produced about 5 1/2 cups of pulp, which turned into 5 heaping cups.  Two went into breads tonight and three went into the freezer.  Came out good.  My first attempt was the best I’d ever had.  This is perhaps second best, and more similar to what my grandmother produces that the first attempt.

Okay, back hurts and I should go to bed.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jay: The First Flakes Fall

Alternately: Deb is so smart!

The first flakes fell as I was about halfway home from Hannaford, going the long way to avoid a traffic snarl caused by the traditional people in cars being people in cars, with a monkey in the wrench of an oversized load going my way and a tough left turn to get into said mess.  Instead I went Fairview and Wareham, then neglected to take a second back route to avoid the not-really-that-bad center traffic.

They were starting to fall like they meant it as I carried in the groceries and snow broom, which is more useful carried out of the house after snow falls than retrieved from the Sentra where I’d stashed it.

By the time Sadie and I had put the groceries away (I can’t wait to harness that enthusiasm as she gets ever older and more capable), the world was already covered in white.  20 Minutes later, the roads are fully engaged and looking slippery.

So yay for only going to Hannaford!  And skipping the rest.

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Jay: Heh

Discussion ensues, as I am about to finish my coffee and launch, as to whether there’s anything we can’t live without from the store.

I skipped getting any of the slim pickings of meat at Hannaford last night, so it’s meatless again or something with pork, and I put off eggs because they are better and cheaper at BJ’s, so I would be stuck without all the eggs I could use for the baked, ready to pulp pumpkin I have in the fridge.  But yeah, we can deal.  Or I can run to Hannaford or such quick.  Deb says it’s supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, whereas we are on the leading edge of the snow and it’s going to start any minute.  By this time tomorrow it’ll be bare roads.

I’ll just have to run out and do the things I was going to do on the way, like throw the old bag of sand back into the truck bed.

Right now I am getting sleepier by the minute, so I almost look forward to the invigoration of shoveling.  In fact, I must crave exercise, because I keep thinking I’d enjoy having a physical job for a while.  By the same token, I must crave seeing people in person, because I keep thinking it might be fun to work in a store or something.  Weird.

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