Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jay: America’s Umpteenth Top Model

And physicist or something besides.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jay: Guess I’m An Addict

Because I’m so sad that Twitter is down.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Jay: Overheard in Our House

Deb: “No, puppy sauce is what Glenn Reynolds eats.”

The context: Deb feeding Henry applesauce, Sadie pointing to the dog on his bib and saying something that sounded like “puppy sauce.”

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jay: Agenda?

I wouldn’t have told you that today’s agenda would include a crockpot pot roast experiment, making a batch of applesauce, or extensive tech support for a 3 year old.  I wouldn’t have told you it included as much as possible trying to make things easier for the somewhat injured Deb (the offending slippery on hardwood floor toy will never be on the floor again).

I might have told you that it included a trip to the bank and pharmacy.  I might have told you that it included some portion of the cleaning and organizing the office so I can focus better project.  I might have told you it included work on selling off a domain, on redesigning the Bizosphere site, on writing a post about carnivals, on writing a post about blogging and business, on posting my blogging resume and linking it from LinkedIn and so forth, on perusing an invitation to join an ad network and firing back some questions, or posting about my plans for CotC more specifically.  I might have told you it included more data mining in pursuit of an effort to persuade money out of a former client whom I didn’t bill for some work, or included an effort to guilt another former client who stiffed us out of a token portion of the outstanding $800.  I might have included replying about an offer to blog for money, replying about a probably unintentionally pushy-sounding and fear of losing control inducing offer to help with CotC in its new form, or replying about a plea to host a last edition in its traditional form that I might like to turn into an invitation to be the first guest editor.  I might have said I would work on pricing at Welcome to Help and an e-mail to potential prospects making sure they know I’m available and willing to work especially cheap for grocery money at the moment.  I might have wanted to process some baby pictures to post, as he’s been photogeneric, about like Sadie at a similar age or a bit older, and it’s hard not to do a post with tens of pictures in it.

But whatever I listed would probably not have gotten done anyway.  Not from a list on the blog as a “something to post that might be interesting” post, anyway.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jay: The Valrog

Coming to you from the infamous Mines of More Hairier, it’s the dreaded Valrog…

I know, these aren’t Christmas pictures.  They’re some I’d already picked out and partially prepared from a prior batch in which Valerie was being particularly photogeneric.  I’ll get to the newer ones sooner or later.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jay: The Kids Are Extending My Life

You’ll die from a Heart Attack during Sex.

Your a lover not a fighter but sadly, in the act of making love your heart will stop.  But what a way to go.

‘How will you die?’ at

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jay: Disappearing Pan

I went to put in the turkey, already last minute as it needed three hours plus extra for being not fully thawed, and could not find the disposable pan I’d had left from buying a pair at Thanksgiving.  Weird.  All I can figure is maybe I used it to cook a large chicken or something.  It’s clearly gone.  So the turkey is in a 9x13 casserole pan with a cookie sheet under it.

If I’d noticed sooner, I might have run to Hannaford, which I need to do anyway, perhaps after the company leaves.  Oh well.  I need to go check on the turkey, see about a shower and start on other food prep.

This isn’t going to be a good day for “things that might result in money” to happen.  I did finish modifying the domain for sale last night to indicate it is for sale and eliminate the prior content and add some outgoing links.  Not sure if I can suddenly give it page rank above 0 or move it above the same named site (and logical buyer) that occupies 1st and 2nd Google hits over mine that is 3rd, but I can try.  I do have a brief e-mail reply to write that ought to get fit in and could result in work.  I’ve just been having trouble with the longer, detailed selling pitch ones getting out the virtual door to my satisfaction.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Jay: But Wait… There’s More!

Last minute gift shopping?  Check out the Neatly Tangled shop for a different selection of handcrafted gifts and accessories.  Items ordered Orders of $10 or more December 17 through 19 will be upgraded free to priority mail within the US.

Martha, Monica and Jeremy remain available as I type this, even as their two counterparts were rapidly adopted.  Check out coasters as a modest yet distinctive gift for the person who has most everything.  Make a gift card more special by delivering it in a gift card cozy, which is a reusable gift in its own right, a relative of coin purses and card wallets.  For the avid reader in your life there are bookmarks.  Check it out.  Don’t see anything you want just now?  Be sure to visit again regularly to see what’s new throughout the year.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jay: Soup Redefined

My mother gave us some produce she’d gotten cheap the other day, and among a few other things thrown in were two discarded cans of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup my grandmother no longer eats.  Cool, since I’d eat it, even if I moved on to preferring other styles of soup.  The kids had never had it.  Deb never liked it.  For me it’s childhood.  Kind of like a fluffernutter.

Yesterday Deb tried feeding it to them for second lunch, or whatever the 3:00 meal was.  She carefully showed and explained that this was chicken noodle, not tomato.

Once it was ready and in their bowls, they were puzzled and completely uninterested.  I could hear them from here saying “I want soup!” Apparently it’s not soup if it’s not tomato.

That went in the fridge and she made them tomato.  they ate almost an entire can between them.  Usually we have a can split four ways, along with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Last time we did that it was because Sadie asked for grilled cheese and tomato soup by name.

So there you have it: Soup has been redefined to mean tomato soup.  Chicken noodle is chopped liver.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jay: Disturbing Image

"The Glenn Reynolds Harem:  Ann, Helen, Virginia, and Don Surber in a wig.”

Well, it disturbed Deb anyway, at least to visualize that last bit.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jay: It’s Annoying

To wake up at 5:00 and never be able to return to sleep.  What I really needed then was to go to the computer for 20 - 60 minutes, as frequently happens in the middle of the night, then go back to bed snapped back into sleepy and out of whatever pain or mental state was associated with waking.  I decided not to do that for a change, and as I was about to get back in bed, Valerie flew out of her room and tried to climb on Deb and the baby, in the recliner.  I grabbed Val and put her in bed with me, which made her happy.  Just enough restless to add distraction, though.

I just couldn’t get comfortable.  Which I find happens perhaps more in the bed I should be comfortable in than on the office floor, or on the floor in the kid’s room, or certainly on one of the air mattresses in there.  There was a distressing lack of white noise, made worse by the windows rattling loudly in the wind and making it sound like the house might fail to hold up.

My mind raced through the work I once did for a travel agency, whether I might be able to collect anything from one client I never got around to billing for some work, or whether I should settle for a good reference, whether I might be able to guilt another client into paying anything at all toward what she never paid, updating the old business web site to reflect the PO box, updating the WTH site and shaking loose some possible work even if I am just going to get side or interim work through it, replying to a couple neglected e-mails, my stubborn psychology distrusting employers and how it came about, finding a CotC host, what needs to be done in the house and how to divide time between work and that today, remembering I have the girls for a couple hours by myself today, how easy it was to complete a resume the day last week I psyched myself in the wee hours into being undepressed - even in the face of Deb having a bad day - and the need to keep that change of mental state from slipping, hourly rates and the conflict between what they must be to live on and what so many people - including me - perceive as excessive, posts I want to write and whether I am making things worse when I make myself not write them because dammit there are other things to do, how it would be fun to actually fire up some of the spare computers I have in the office and fiddle with them and whether I make things worse by failing to have that kind of fun, how energized I feel, say, cleaning up a bad patch of malware or other stubborn problem so maybe it’s odd for me to wonder if I want to change careers entirely, how I can possibly make money helping people with a combination of undervalued work and work that’s given away free on the internet if you know to look for it, whether I’d fall asleep more comfortably in Val’s bed since she’s not using it, how rough the day might be if I get up now, whether the Heroes newsgroup will be updating in the morning so I can see what people posted about the finale, what I think of Twitter and whether to delete my account and whether it would be useful to start some special purpose accounts, and well, yeah… sleep didn’t seem to be in the cards.

So here I am, at the computer, only just starting to feel sleepy again, though my back still hurts from sleeping, hesitant to drink any of the coffee I started brewing an hour ago, wondering if I stayed awake because my system knew I would need the bathroom soon, not just because of a worried and overactive mind.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Jay: Bear Jelly

That’s what Sadie decided honey is called.  It comes in a bear shaped container, after all.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jay: Kids Are Funny

Heard here yesterday:

Deb: What… The…
Sadie: Hell!

Heard here a while ago:

Deb: Everybody poops.  Mom poops.  Dad poops.
Me: Bears poop.  The Pope poops.
Deb: Grandma poops.
Valerie: Yeah, but I’m not Grandma.

Valerie won’t be 2 until February.  She’s ramped up to coming out with this sort of thing.  And 3 year old Sadie has apparently graduated from repeating what you say to anticipating what you might say.

Okay, chicken should be thawed and I looked at my recipe, a victim of the smaller Bisquick box, so back to making supper…

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jay: Size Matters

In early 2000, after I’d settled into the Quincy apartment and my reliable old 13” black and white TV from 1979 died, I finally broke down and bought a new color TV, my first brand new one, and a VCR, my first VCR ever.  Before I did, I asked my friend Bob’s advice on brands and such, the such including screen size.  He asked about the size of the room and distance from the screen and opined that 23” would be about right.

I ended up at Sears in Braintree.

After looking at the offerings forever, I settled on a fancy VCR that still works great.  As well it should, having had a price to match its high end nature.  I also settled on a 23” TV of a recommended brand.

The sales guy for that area ended up fighting with the warehouse guy, who refused to look for my TV in stock, so he had to do it himself.  Something like 40 minutes later, they didn’t have any.  But wait!  Here’s a different brand, same thing, and it’s on sale like $80 lower!  It cost less than the VCR and was an amazing price, even with what I will note later in this post.  I decided I could accept the substitution, especially having had luck with the brand, even if it was not top tier in Bob’s recommendations.

Another wait ensued, now in the pickup area, by which time I just wanted to be out of there.  Finally I got the TV and VCR, to go with the antenna I’d also bought, and dragged it all home.

Fast forward to yesterday.

We recently got a hand me down 27” TV, which is fantastic and makes us want to watch Transformers again.  Not to mention other things, for which there should be ample time during the writer’s strike.  That’s going to be a boon, ironically, to DVD sales and rentals.  In our case, we could go weeks watching a movie we already own each night from the neither have seen it, she hasn’t seen it, and I haven’t seen it subsets of the combined collection.  That’s without starting rewatches of movies and going through TV shows on video.  Not to mention presumably catching reruns of things we missed, like Life and Reaper, and the convenience of fewer new shows competing with what has to be a better season of American Idol this year.  But I digress.

Yesterday I looked again at the juxtaposition of the old TV near the new one and remarked how small it seemed.  Deb got the measuring tape.  The new one really is only 27” and not some unexpected larger amount.  The surprise?

The old TV is only 21 inches!

Apparently I never noticed this when I unpacked it, or else I mind wiped myself and am completely deluded about what size I thought I was supposed to have bought.  That’s possible too.  It would certainly explain why the price was so dramatically lower than the out of stock one.  It would also explain why I’ve kept wondering over the years why Bob told me to get such a small TV, as it seemed small even at the distance from which I watched it in Quincy.  The size recommendation was based on where it would be relative to me in that room.

And so I say… DOH!  But at least it has been a superb TV, which will be a spare in the bedroom once I get an antenna for it.  For now it’s just set aside.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jay: Coffee Emergency

Courtesy of BJ’s in Plymouth being out of toilet paper, I had to go to Hannaford last night before we ran out.

We also had one, yes, one remaining coffee filter.  Who runs out of coffee filters?  They are insanely cheap and come in mass quantities.

Guess what I forgot!  Not the TP, milk, bread, sour cream, or peanut butter.

Since we have been going through two pots a day, or one and some fraction of a second, to be more accurate, one filter was not enough.  This gave me the opportunity to test something I have been intrigued by since I saw the bit of advice somewhere.

Paper towel as a filter.

I folded one (plain white, heavy duty) into the basket, added enough coffee for a half pot or so, since it was a test, and the substitution worked great.  I’m drinking a cup now and it’s as yummy as normal.  Yay!  But we really do need filters, even if one of us walks to Rite-Aid for them.

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