Monday, July 07, 2008

Jay: Not the Post I’d Planned

Have to go meet a recruiter today.  The kids are crazy.

Sadie woke crying in wee hours with apparently a sinus headache.  Which happened to Valerie 24 hours before, though she’s prone to headaches and it may not have been sinus.

Henry a little while ago drank a substantial amount of Valerie’s coffee and has gone all puffy and squinty-eyed and a little rashy, but he’s also been miserable, as has Deb. and for that matter me.  People burning?  No!  Something blooming around the corner, smells like maybe honeysuckle, so strong it can be hard to sleep.

So we’re not sure how much is the coffee and how much is that.  The coffee is about 1 part coffee, some sugar and dry creamer, and 5 parts cold water.  He’s had black coffee with sugar before and not blown up, but the non-dairy creamer has dairy in it, along with whatever else, so who knows.  At least it’s not almost pure milk as it would have been before we realized Val had a problem with the milk.

Anyway, I have to go get ready to go to the Stoughton town hall for Sadie’s birth certificate to sign up for RomneyCommunistCare and decriminalize ourselves in the eyes of the state, then the recruiter in Burlington.  And other errands.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jay: Heller Decision

I posted this first at Tersosity, but it’s great news and on the long side for there, so I’m cross-posting here:

As expected, and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that 5 of the Justices can read and have a modicum of sense, as reported and elaborated at SCOTUSblog (where commentary will probably be ongoing, as it presumably will at Volokh), the Supreme Court has struck down the DC gun ban and clarified the scope of the Second Amendment in a way recognizable as sane to those of us with sense.  One might suggest the decision falls short, or take a more absolutist view, but this is at least rational enough to keep the anti-human scum self-defense banners in check.  It is sad that if was 5 to 4, and there are so many on the Court who clearly can’t read, but at least the anticonstitutionalist component of the Court isn’t in the majority as it was for Kelo.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jay: Obama/McCain Poll at RWN

I participated in the latest Right Wing News poll, which has some interesting if not entirely unpredictable results.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jay: Interview With Carly (No, Not the Irish Singer from AI)

Sean Hackbarth interviewed Carly Fiorona, with economic policy questions for John McCain.  It’s interesting and not all that long, so you might like to check it out.  It includes a question from me, which I gave to Sean phrased as:

Maybe ask if he’d do anything to stop the ethanol-from-food madness, encourage waste biomass or alternatives instead.

It is worth noting that, like me, Sean is looking for work.  I’ve known him since 2003, when I started blogging.  He’s been blogging longer than most of us, and has some cool experience.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Deb: I just get so *confused* sometimes.

I mean, there was the whole Bear Stearns thing, and then I saw an article this morning about how they’re making plans to try to bail out homeowners in trouble, and I just gotta ask: when do *we* get a turn?  I mean, we looked at house prices, we looked at our bank account, and we laughed and rented because really?  Wasn’t going to happen.  Now, we’ve got credit troubles of our own, because there’s only so many bad turns your financial journey can take before it all goes to hell, but we’re not part of a recognizable electoral market segment.  So as far as I can tell, that means that it’s on us to pay for keeping the people who *are* part of one happy. 

And people wonder why I make little scoffing noises every time someone starts raphsodizing about the wonders of democracy.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jay: Obligatory Post

Actually, I didn’t have a birthday until I saw one mentioned elsewhere, so I’d planned this to be something for a “no birthdays” morning post.

I was sad but not surprised Amanda Overmeyer was executed last night.  Kristy Lee Cook is one lucky country-twanged long-legged hot blond in a short dress.  I might prefer to see Amanda to her if I were attending one of the concerts, but I won’t be, it’s not that strong a preference, and this means, as I noted, Kristy needs the performance of her life next week.  Though a couple others flopping sufficiently might be enough, if she’s adequate and being cute.

I was shocked that Carly was in the bottom three.  She was too good for that, so there has to be some combination of the controversy sucking away votes, people thinking she’s safe, her support not being as strong as I might have thought, or David Archuletta’s lopsided vote totals sucking the oxygen out of the room and making funny things happen with the rest of the totals.  Face it, unless there’s enough controversy, backlash, or something, Achoo is the winner and this is a race for second through fourth now.

Today I have to call the nice lady at the hospital whose sole job is to line people up with insurance if they lack it.  Because this Republican Socialism thing, it won’t add bureaucracy at all.  Probably about the time we’re squared away with free insurance for the poor, I’ll land a job that includes it.

I’ve been meaning to do a giant fundraising edition of Carnival of the Capitalists.  It might be worth a few hours of that to fetch a little grocery money or even an additional week of rent and make me think people actually appreciated my efforts all these years.  Which I know they did, and not just the few who have expressed an interest in still seeing it or helping.  I’ve been told I should emphasize it and look for business development work, or something like that.  That may be gotten to soon, before it becomes moot.  I’ve been accumulating links for it.

And yeah, fundraiser notwithstanding, you are always welcome to use the PayPal tipjar button, now more than ever.  Or use the address for Deb’s, which is actually better, deb at neatlytangled dot com.

It’s so cute.  Valerie has taken to putting a mitten on a foot, like a very heavy sock.  She just had me put a shoe on the other foot.  She loves to change clothes and play dress-up.

Speaking of money, there’s nothing like going to the store with $16 available, needing diapers and groceries, and being focused on eliminating certain things from the diet.

Although we think we have a good idea what is going on with Henry, and what the allergic reaction was about.  That and the idea that food proteins consumed by the mother survice intact in breast milk appears to be bogus, if you research it sufficiently.

Still, the discovery that corn, usually corn syrup, is in almost everything was rather startling and something we’d like to start avoiding.  It’s also shocking that companies would put known likely allergens in some of the earliest foods one would feed a baby, thinks you buy because they are safe.  I’m also wondering about my own levels of food sensitivities, which are not the same as allergies, for which I once tested negative.

I am not only down 29 lbs from my high plateau and 39 lbs from my absolute high (and annoyed it hasn’t budged further for a few days), but also thinner than the current weight would imply.  I went from 42 required to falling off to 40 fitting comfortably to 40 wanting to fall off.  Which means some of the tighter pants in that size I have somewhere should fit.

This was supposed to be quick.

The job hunting proceeds apace, subject to excitement and interruption and confusion and mild sickness and such.  I have to make a list and follow it today.  I’ve been doing a lot of networking-related activity.

Okay, I can’t remember anything else I might have intended to say.  I need to get to the actual stuff to be done, starting with an announcement about CotC and link to the resume over at Bizosphere.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jay: Big Cuba Begets Big Sugar Begets Big Corn

Since we unofficially had added corn to the list of possible allergy suspects and Deb was initially supposed to be avoiding the allergen possibilities, that led to some label reading and the dismay at almost everything being made of corn syrup.  As I said, ADM must be proud.

What doesn’t have corn mostly has wheat.  The baby’s oatmeal that’s an introductory food that’s supposed to be utterly pure and safe contains wheat.  It didn’t used to, which was partly why that was our preferred brand, but apparently that came with the fancy new packaging.

What I pointed out to Deb, in our discussion of Big Corn, and their having the ethanol farce now so they could dispense with the corn syrup nonsense, is that the corn syrup thing is partly a reaction to Big Sugar.  Most people don’t realize the extent of sugar protectionism in this country.

In turn, what’s a huge sugar producer?  Cuba.  Who are some of the domestic sugar producers?  Cuban ex-pats.  How did all the Castro administrations and associated congresses respond to Cuba being a gulag and to the vote buying of the Cuban-Americans?  By fruitlessly restraining trade, topping it off with extra protection for domestic sugar.

Why shouldn’t Big Corn step in and profit from it?


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deb: Spitzer, again.

I guess I like to live dangerously, posting news from actual newspapers and all.  Like the NYT.

Anyway, I said all I really had to say about the thing, and then he said it better.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jay: Still Excited

About the Spitzer thing, but it’s interesting to see the AP spinning those pedals back as vigorously as they can.

How do you recover from this, even if you don’t get charged, even if you don’t resign?  The sheer vehemence of the pleasure so many people derived from it tells you something about accumulated reputation.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Jay: Eliot Spitzer

I know I’m supposed to avoid writing about news items, but I just want to say that I am absolutely thrilled at the Eliot Spitzer news.  Usually I am one to be sympathetic when someone is having a Worst Day Ever, but it seldom gets so appropriate or seems so like karma in action.

It’s a bit odd that he hasn’t resigned.

Which one should not have to do merely for hiring a prostitute, mind you, as that should be completely legal.  But it’s not, and he’s built a career on persecuting not only things like this, but things that aren’t even illegal.  Which is talented, yet repulsively corrupt.

Now off to make supper and tweak the resume the rest of the way, so I can send it out the door.


See Radley Balko.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jay: Hallefuckinlujah!

Romney dropping out.


And celebration aside, he did the right thing and for classy, strategic reasons.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jay: Welcome, Blank

The company that owns the hospital where we had all three kids has bought the medical practice we have used for several years, rebranding both with the parent name.

There was once a computer company locally that used the same generic name, so that is what I think of when I see it.

There was no warning.  Reportedly 15 of the doctors are leaving for a different practice.  In suspiciously close timing with this, our own doctor sent us notices to reschedule every appointment that falls next month.  While it’s doubtful he’s leaving, as he practically runs the place, it would appear he’s taking at least two weeks off.

Being insurance outlaws and Just That Broke, the only one we’re actually concerned with rescheduling is the baby’s, as shots are involved.  We’ve also been talking about changing doctors, going back and forth between attachment to the one we have, and annoyance.  Which is in part due to the increasingly bureaucratic nature of the large practice.  Which the merger obviously feeds.

The other day we received patient cards, one for each of us, each under separate cover.  That also served as the announcement of the merger.

The cards are blank.

They are for accessing medical records for each of us, so any office or hospital in their network of them can identify us and pull up our records.  Presumably they contain an embedded RFID chip or something, which made me entertain “let’s put Mr. Hamster in the microwave” thoughts.

But they’re blank.  Five cards to keep track of, and they have no way for us to identify which is which without working out a way to label them ourselves.

That just seems weird, after going to all that trouble to make everything electronic and theoretically efficient, and to issue the cards.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jay: Trip On the Reality Bucket

A while back, I grabbed the domain realitybucket.com, inspired by Rob May and his CommerceBucket project of the time.

I wasn’t sure how I would use it.  Reality TV blogging?  A new personal blog?  Well, it went into our collection of cool domain names for future reference.

A while back, we decided to set it up as a “let it all hang out” political, and perhaps cultural context, place to do our “joke ‘em if they can’t take a...” blogging.  People could simply choose not to go there and read, and it would keep what we really think out from among the pictures of the kids and general inanity.

For that we decided to use RealityBucket.

We also decided to open the place to people who might want to unload sometimes, be they bloggers already or not, and be they like us, nearly straight up libertarians (with anarcho- tendencies in the ideal and realist- tendencies in the actual), left leaners, right leaners, horizontally prone, whatever.  After all, in truth few people don’t lean at least 51% libertarian, making them more with us than against us, and everyone sooner or later faces reality as it is.  It can be a chilly high dive, into the Reality Bucket.

We decided to use our known identities.  Family?  Yeah, you.  We don’t want to feel oppressed, so think whatever you want about what we post there, but if you disagree that vehemently, go quietly on your way and avoid the place.  That applies to RL and online friends, too.

There are a few people already with accounts there, mostly under aliases.

If you would like to post there, as yourself or under an alias, let me know at jay @ this domain.  Perhaps you don’t “do” political blogging, but sometimes feel like ranting and it’s pent up so not to offend your normal readers.  Or even the abnormal ones.  Perhaps you don’t blog at all, but would like an outlet, however infrequent.

I will need to know who you are and how you want to be known on the blog, and I will need an e-mail address to associate with your account via a forwarder (or directly).  If you are known as, say, Gandalf at RB, I will create an address gandalf @ the realitybucket.com domain, which will forward to the address you choose (or I’ll use the address you supply, if you prefer).

No, you won’t get paid for this.  Or you shouldn’t ever count on it.

If we become popular enough to have ad revenue that amounts to more than a pittance that helps justify the hosting and the effort of having the blog, we might seek to share, but we’ll cross that bridge when it spans something.

I, for one, do plan to post there, and have a backlog.  That includes intent to toss out individual issue posts, cover my stance, and invite other posters there to chime in on the same topic.  Speaking of reality, the other thing that came to mind in connection with such a blog and its name was annoyance with sound bite stances.  For instance, the political quizzes are way too “for X, or against it,” when your stance might be that it’s a state issue, not federal, or that you’re for a variant, or that you believe the starting assumption is nonsense and the question should be moot.

So sign up if you will.  Read or not, as you will.  It could be interesting.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Deb: OK, bonus post.

I gave up voting because I couldn’t answer this question: if it is obviously wrong for a single person to use force to organize people in a way that is pleasing to him, why is it right for a sufficiently large group of people to use force to organize people in a way that is pleasing to 51 percent of them?

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Deb: The end of the world is well and truly nigh.

If I hadn’t given up voting as a bad job all around, I’d no doubt find myself supporting McCain as the least bad of the lot.  Hear that?  That’s the sound of the ice in hell crackling as it forms.


And yes, I know, Fred, Fred, Fred.  But even after I’ve frozen hell by endorsing admitting the relative non-suck of McCain (remembering, please, that I think every last one of them is a horror for wanting the job at all, never mind the tactics used to get it), his snowball?  Passed right by while he was sitting around contemplating the run.  Besides, the problem with being repeatedly compared to the Great Conservative God is that nobody can live up to it.

Not that any one of the GOP contenders would recognize true conservatism if it bit them on the ass.

Fred’s problem is that the idea of Fred is awesome.  Fred, though?  Maybe not so much.  Which isn’t entirely his fault: I don’t think there are very many actual conservatives left in America, though there are an awful lot of people who think they are conservatives around. 

Mitt?  Makes John Kerry look like a possessor of strong convictions.  Besides, I *hate* perfect candidate hair.  But really?  What I hold against him most is that now that purchasing health insurance is mandatory, my premium?  Went up 20 percent this year.  And since we chose to prioritize this month and pay the rent, we are now not just temporarily uninsured, we’re also criminals.  Because, you know, feeding your kids is a bad thing.  And if you have an off month or two, you should be subject to mandatory receipt of government benefits and all of the baggage that implies.  Because being in job flux is such a rare thing these days, which makes it immoral, right?

I never, never thought that within my lifetime it would be considered wrong NOT to take a government benefit.  Because it’s stealing to take the risk of having a hospital bill you can’t pay, but it’s not stealing to take government healthcare money to cover that risk.  Because government healthcare money comes from where?  The magic money tree they’ve been growing on the dark side of the moon?

Er, yeah.

Wasn’t there somebody else in the race, too?  Some guy from New York?  Do I even have to go there?  His authoritarian impulses make McCain & Co.’s attempts to rewrite the first amendment look like certifiable good-guy-ism in comparison. 

So yeah, McCain.  And I’m going to go shower now, because even the thought makes me feel dirty.  Good thing I’m not a Republican.  And if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably glad by now that I don’t vote any more.  Maybe I’ll tell you about that sometime.  For now, though, just let me chime in with a “thank the FSM that New Hampshire is over next week and I won’t have to watch campaign commercials for a couple of months.”

See ya.

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