Friday, December 22, 2006

Jay: Musical Coming of Age

Over at my brother’s blog, he posted a question on behalf of my youngest brother.  I think our ages have a bearing on our perspectives, as I was born 1961, Wayne 1967, and Michael 1971.  The question:

At what age did you come into your own musical tastes?

I sent my brother my answer in e-mail, which was long enough that I am posting it here rather than over in Wayne’s comments.  Perhaps that will elicit more answers, too, as I assume Michael had data collecting reasons to ask.  Here was what I said:

Your question is hard to answer.  I first became really aware of pop music about 5th to 6th grade, but my taste was and has been influenced by a combination of what was current, what mom in particular liked, to some degree what the grandparents liked, and of course what Gary and especially Lynn liked.  Wayne remembers mom listening to country, which on thinking about it so do I, but I remember the more popular country and crossover stuff; Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Glenn Campbell.  But I remember also listening to stuff like Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin with mom, and that would have been not long after it was current.

The Partridge Family was at a formative time for me.  Jackson Five and Osmonds were too.  Carpenters were huge, and still a big favorite.  I can remember when Superstar was the number one song on the charts for a long run and it was my first awareness that there was such a thing as the music charts and number one song in the country at a given time.

I always liked the Beatles, with the first song I clearly remember identifying with them being All My Loving.  I could easily have been aware of that song no older than the age of six, but I don’t remember exactly.

The big breakthrough time for me was about 1973, but really 1972 - 1974, around the time I was in 6th grade, first met Adam, hung out with him most intensively, was exposed to radio heavily, and first started doing things like listening to the New Year’s Eve top 100 countdown shows.

I didn’t like heavy rock to speak of, and went through high school listening to the relatively new at the time oldies shows, which then were much more focused on the way too insipid fifties but weirdly could cover things all the way through just a few years prior to current (it’d be like calling anything through 2002 “Oldies” now, which is why the term “classic rock” was invented by radio marketers), and otherwise mellow radio, combined with current hits radio as long as it wasn’t seriously disco.  I mean, circa high school for me meant the advent of Boston, The Cars, Toto, Meat Loaf, Heart, and others I know I’m forgetting.  It was a fantastic musical period, underneath the (not all bad and now nostalgic not played to death) disco mania.

I did not make my first purchase of a record until well into high school, and tellingly that was two disparate 45’s: Afternoon Delight, and Magic Man.  I think my first LP was a two album set of the greatest hits of the Mamas and the Papas.

My appreciation of harder rock actually grew with age, and continues to grow.  In a way the answer is that it never stops.  In a way the answer is sixth grade through high scool was formative, and if you’re looking at an early end point, 6th, maybe 5th grade.  I still like a lot of mellow and old stuff.  I tend to think of most of what came out after the mid eighties or so as crap, with a renaissance happening more recently and a few gems, often not noticed by me until years later, studded in the timeframe here and there.

Ironically, my appreciation of things like classical has grown too, and in my playlists you’ll find weird stuff like hurdy gurdy music.

Anyway, that’s my verbose answer.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jay: Idol Surprises

One of these days I need to post album reviews over at American Idol News Blog, having listened to the CD releases from Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, and now Taylor Hicks.  All are solid, sound like themselves, and avoided being Biced to blahness.

Surprise: I don’t “do” country.  I enjoy Pickler’s album the most.

Surprise: I was not a fan of Taylor, and not big on the soul-tinged sound that is what he likes and performs best.  Yet for me it’s probably a toss-up between him and Daughtry for second place.

And I’ll stop there or I might as well be writing the real review, and before I do so I want to hear them all again, especially Daughtry.  I gave that the least attention, which could color my ranking.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Deb: A little treat for all you taylor-haters out there…

What do you get if you mix JibJab and Weird Al?

Do I Creep You Out?


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Deb: What’s the story, Jedi glory?

I’ve been reading too much Piers Anthony.  That title veers dangerously close to pun territory.

Once upon a time, I came by a copy of a certain Oasis album and played it and pretty much only it for a very long and tragic collegiate summer.  I then developed the urge to vomit upon any mention of Liam Gallagher for...oh, 10 years or so?...and had nearly forgotten that such a band ever existed.

Then I stumbled across this list this morning and said, “Hey!  Morning Glory!” and had myself a bout of nostalgia on YouTube.  Valerie went nuts for it, so I’m thinking it might just be time to own a copy again. 

Which got me to thinking about all of those albums I absolutely cannot seem to keep a copy of.  Sublime’s self-titled album is my big winner.  I’ve gone through maybe 4 copies of the thing, and I’ve lost it again.  There are others.

Hmmmmm.  I’ve got a chunk of birthday money still sitting here…

Speaking of which, look at this.  Have I mentioned how much I want this?  I love Martha.

And there’s a DVD set of classic Sesame Street now.  And another Electric Company set.  And Chris Daughtry’s album comes out next week.

I clearly need a money tree.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jay: They Think We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute

I heard my first Christmas song of the season on the radio three days ago, and was pleased it was one of my favorites: Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters.

Yesterday morning I heard my 2nd through 5th Christmas songs, also ones I liked, which is quite impressive.  I wrote a post about it, pondering whether it might be a good omen that they were all good.  I wrote the post on the web right as they were apparently doing database work on our server.  Oops.

So then when I finally left work last night, I heard part of one of those same songs on the same station as played four in a row in the morning, and that’s when I realized that Oldies 103 is once again messing with our heads by playing nothing but seasonal music all the way from several days before said season through Christmas.  I hate when that happens.  I’m more of a “Christmas song now and then during the season” guy, with a big push of tons of them during the last week, providing mood music while I’m finally doing my shopping whether I can afford it or not.  Silly station people.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jay: Wow

My musically prodigal niece is in her first semester of college, at a state school.  She felt like she was under a microscope because her reputation preceded her, so the professors already knew who she was and expected her to be great.  Apparently she’s meeting their expectations.  At least.

Well, it seems word really travels.  She’s been approached by Juilliard about going there.  I don’t know the details; how much of a scholarship they’re offering, or if they’re just recruiting and she’d have to win the lottery, but it’s cool.  Even though she’ll probably stay where she is for at least a couple years.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jay: XM or Sirius?


Also, best bets for portable MP3 player and site for small number of not onerously DRM’d MP3 purchases, like the once in a while “I haven’t heard that in years I love that song” kind of thing?

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