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Ownership Rules

My reaction was “because they own it… because they fucking OWN IT.” Duh. End of discussion. “Stakeholders”? That’s always been utter bull.

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People respond to incentives?

Who knew? Via Drew Johnson at The Agitator

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Middleborough goes all small town, makes ass of itself.

Grabbing this from Daily Pundit, because I’m way too fucking lazy to bother with a local news source. Also, I like his take on it. I thought we’d outgrown these stupid wanna-be moral crusades (excuse me, stupid fucking wanna-be moral … Continue reading

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Inspection Day Miracle

The spouse’s Chevy S-10 has had the service engine light on for months. One of those silly emissions-related things that cost a fortune to fix and seem designed more to support the repair industry artificially than to be necessary to … Continue reading

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Speaking of Snow…

The downstairs neighbors are morons. They insist on the end spot so they can get out easily when it snows, then leave almost a full car length between them and end of driveway, making it hard for us to park … Continue reading

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It’s a good thing that I don’t have time this morning to write the post I keep thinking about writing.

Because really? I think I might actually do it this time, if I had an hour. But I don’t. How’s that for elliptical and annoying?

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Darth Spitzer Returns

One of our favorite villains, Elliot Spitzer, may have helped create the AIG situation. Go Spitzer!

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Official Shit List

Mitt Romney MassHealth Healthcare Financial, Inc. Thomas G. Gennis The voice “talent” of Signature Healthcare’s phone system The designer of Signature Healthcare’s phone system Heck, the designer of MassHealth’s phone system Downstairs neighbor Upstairs neighbor Anyone who calls us after … Continue reading

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