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Atlas Revisited

Had a rare interlude of TV available without kids and not needing/wanting to do laundry, dishes, etc., which led me to discover Atlas Shrugged Part 1 was on Netflix. So I watched it again. Went to great lengths to see … Continue reading

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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

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Looking Forward to This!

Except it still seems a little weird having Atlas Shrugged updated to be set in modern times, and the characters don’t look much like my mental images. Reardon, to whom I most relate, comes closest. I’m overdue for a reread, … Continue reading

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Sadie Does Watercolors

Sadie insisted, supported by the others, on letting the Tinkerbell movie DVD play over and over and over for more than two days. I noticed it went all through the “making of” parts in the process, and turns out Sadie … Continue reading

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Deb had suggested recently that it was time sooner rather than later for Sadie to go to her first movie in a theater, which I’d been thinking of, but in terms of later this year or sometime next year. Sadie … Continue reading

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Arisia Memberships For Sale

Two adult and two babysitting memberships to Arisia, the big New England SF convention I used to help run. I bought them in 2007 for 2008, then rolled them over to 2009. You’re not supposed to be able to roll … Continue reading

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