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So I get up today from a night at the bladder races and find that the rotating links ads at one of our sites are broken after recent hosting changes. Looks like probably it’s a matter of a change to … Continue reading

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Bailout Poll

John Hawkins did a flash poll, in which I participated, on the bailout. Interesting results, more skewed than I had expected. The last question, though, looks like people answered based not on where they stood, but what they thought public … Continue reading

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Domains for Sale

I have updated the domains for sale post with the links to the auctions that didn’t have links available yet at the time.

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More Domains for Sale (Updated)

I put several domains I probably can’t afford to renew and may never use up for 7 day auction at very low minimum bids. The ones I just did haven’t registered in the system to have links yet, so I … Continue reading

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Darth Spitzer Returns

One of our favorite villains, Elliot Spitzer, may have helped create the AIG situation. Go Spitzer!

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Official Shit List

Mitt Romney MassHealth Healthcare Financial, Inc. Thomas G. Gennis The voice “talent” of Signature Healthcare’s phone system The designer of Signature Healthcare’s phone system Heck, the designer of MassHealth’s phone system Downstairs neighbor Upstairs neighbor Anyone who calls us after … Continue reading

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Arisia Memberships For Sale

Two adult and two babysitting memberships to Arisia, the big New England SF convention I used to help run. I bought them in 2007 for 2008, then rolled them over to 2009. You’re not supposed to be able to roll … Continue reading

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I have decided to call the communist state health plan by the evil Mitt Romney and gleeful Democratic legislature, commonly known as RomneyCare, ComneyCare for short, so I don’t have to write out the communist description. But I pregress… A … Continue reading

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When Blog Runs High

Our friend Jeff Soyer is at the time of year when he could use a small hand. While we not only can’t help, but are not out of the woods ourselves, I can at least point people there.

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In addition to the noted offering, I have put for sale. I’m not stressed about selling it, but I also have no special need to keep it as a souvenir of the former business. The content is also … Continue reading

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Partly to promote it and partly to make the URL easy for me to fetch, I want to note that after the 7 day fire sale auction, which actually did attract a single, last minute bid that met the minimum … Continue reading

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Chris Muir Needs You

I’ve been a big fan of Day by Day since around the time I started blogging. Chris has traffic we could only dream of, and while there have been bloggers in the past who pled faux bandwidth costs to raise … Continue reading

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That’s a Relief – Thanks!

As noted in an update to this deadline post, we seem to have reached the goal for keeping the gas & electric on after this week. Yay! Not that help isn’t always welcome, as noted, but this was an unusually … Continue reading

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Domain Auction

The auction is up. If it sells for the reserve price that’s half of what we needed (a little more than half of what remains needed after donations received). If it sells for what it really ought to, which … Continue reading

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That Went Well

I had a phone interview this morning for a support job that would be largely from home, and relatively advanced as such things go, making it more interesting. I will have to speak with a number of people there before … Continue reading

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Life Gives Us Deadlines

This is an updated and abbreviated version of a post I have been meaning to write and have a couple times had partially written for weeks, and relates to mentions here (linked by Sarah in this awesome post), and over … Continue reading

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Out the Frying Pan

Sadly, my 12 inch frying pan had to be thrown away yesterday. The coating was so badly damaged that it was unusable. It was a cheap pan and last many years – almost nine, I believe it is – so … Continue reading

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Perpetual Earning Assets

Exactly what we keep taking about. They don’t want to be repaid. They want to milk you in perpetuity. Well, the teets are chapped and blistered, the udders are dry, and the cows are increasingly skittish.

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Shopping Wizard

Yesterday I managed to spend $67 and get 5 kinds of meat, 3 kinds of fruit, 4 kinds of produce, 2 quarts of rice milk (hey Stop & Shop, change your sign if it’s $1.50 and not $1.25 sale anymore), … Continue reading

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Here Goes!

I am about to make a backup of everything, purge the original Blogblivion blog, setup WordPress, crossover some recent posts and make sure there’s a prominent pointer to the archived old blog.  Then I’ll crash into bed as I already … Continue reading

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