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Mole Hole

Yesterday I had my appointment to get the mole on my back removed, along with, of course, the usual blood pressure check. I was not counting on the visit being so focused on the procedure that I’d have no chance … Continue reading

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Neurosurgeon Visit

My consultation with the neurosurgeon was today yesterday, so I thought I’d post a report. I managed to be super early, despite leaving later than planned. Had to stop for MRI films on my way, which these days means a … Continue reading

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American Idol Blogging (and way too much else)

Let’s see if I can sneak in a quick post around my daycare duties. They (and by “they” I mean Henry) tend to know the difference between my fingers hitting the keys for anything substantive and not, so I can … Continue reading

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Not Official But…

The job I have totally not blogged about as intended is planning to keep me beyond seasonal. I am “reliable and a hard worker.” I’d been wanting to post about how cool it is, in terms of logistics, handling and … Continue reading

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Curls Galore

Speaking of Valerie’s hair, we trimmed it for the first time the other day. No pics yet, but it came out fantastic. And speaking of pics, I still need to create an online card from. well, less to work with … Continue reading

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Eating At The Table

As mentioned previously, Henry has joined us at the table, and after about a week it seems to have stuck. In fact, he thought it was high time. It’s as if he’s always sat there. It’s a little crowded, and … Continue reading

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ER Aftermath

Well, it’s the morning after the emergency room run. He actually looked worse in the end than the pictures showed, and was engulfed in places not pictured. By 10 PM it had subsided significantly but still looked bad. That was … Continue reading

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Not Hysterics

I had to take Henry to the ER this evening. As far as we can tell, he is allergic to eggs. He ate far and away his largest serving of eggs so far, scrambled, at noon. He was reacting full-blown … Continue reading

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Apparently Henry has limited tolerance for them. Even as the whole milk products thing seems to be getting milder. Horrendous hives. Benadryl has its work cut in for it.

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Grand Rounds Fourth Anniversary

I did a double-take when I saw Glenn saying that Grand Rounds was celebrating its fifth anniversary, since I remembered them starting after CotC, which would have been five in a few weeks had it not lapsed. Indeed, their first … Continue reading

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Official Shit List

Mitt Romney MassHealth Healthcare Financial, Inc. Thomas G. Gennis The voice “talent” of Signature Healthcare’s phone system The designer of Signature Healthcare’s phone system Heck, the designer of MassHealth’s phone system Downstairs neighbor Upstairs neighbor Anyone who calls us after … Continue reading

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Pictures, Henry, Etc.

I have about a gazillion pictures and even some videos of the kids being insanely cute, at the playground, in the car, at grandma’s, and even at home. I really need to pack up a bunch for the California grandparents … Continue reading

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Life Gives Us Deadlines

This is an updated and abbreviated version of a post I have been meaning to write and have a couple times had partially written for weeks, and relates to mentions here (linked by Sarah in this awesome post), and over … Continue reading

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Dairy Rash on Back

Here are a couple pictures of the rash on Henry’s back that resulted from contact with two small dabs of organic plain baby yogurt, proving beyond any remaining doubt his dairy allergy. As usual, click for a larger version.

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It’s Annoying

Some of the finer points of the thing with Henry are, that is. Tonight Last night he ate summer squash for the first time. A lot of it. With relish. He thought it was one of the Best Things Ever. … Continue reading

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Low-fat diets not best for weight loss

But… but… whaddaya mean the lowest fat diet had the poorest results in a formal study? We all know that if you eat fat you’ll die! Die, I say. And if you are fat you will get diabetes and die. … Continue reading

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Shopping Wizard

Yesterday I managed to spend $67 and get 5 kinds of meat, 3 kinds of fruit, 4 kinds of produce, 2 quarts of rice milk (hey Stop & Shop, change your sign if it’s $1.50 and not $1.25 sale anymore), … Continue reading

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Yogurt Clinches It

We’ve noted that Henry is clearly allergic to dairy, on top of any oher sensitivities or allergies. It’s beyond a doubt that was the specific food that caused the level of reaction that earned him an ambulance ride this past … Continue reading

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Another thing we haven’t mentioned:

Running around in circles in the Mega Lo mart takes weight off, too. I’m down to a weight I haven’t seen since probably early 2001. I suppose moving 8 hours a day is bound to do that to you. Shame … Continue reading

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Woohoo! 248 Going Once…

Won’t really feel the love until I’ve seen it on the scale at least twice, but this morning I was 248, down 2 from my prior low, for an even 60 pounds lost from my high, and 50 lost this … Continue reading

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