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Happy Birthday

To Deb’s father! And a buncha other people, like my friends and former colleagues Rich and Steve, former President George W. “LBJ” Bush and thanks for making Barack Wilson Nixon-Carter possible, etc. But for our purposes here, David is the … Continue reading

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These Things Aren’t Always Simple But…

His wife, who used to look up to him as a glamorous writer, begins to view him as an “unreliable employee.” From Patriarch to Patsy Via Dr. Helen, via her hubby.

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Presidential Poll

No, not who will be elected, but who you might expect Barack Obama to remind you of should he be elected. Annointed? Sprung forth like a mighty oak from a mere ACORN? Anyway, for your amusement… What other President will … Continue reading

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Bailout Poll

John Hawkins did a flash poll, in which I participated, on the bailout. Interesting results, more skewed than I had expected. The last question, though, looks like people answered based not on where they stood, but what they thought public … Continue reading

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I have decided to call the communist state health plan by the evil Mitt Romney and gleeful Democratic legislature, commonly known as RomneyCare, ComneyCare for short, so I don’t have to write out the communist description. But I pregress… A … Continue reading

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Another thing we haven’t mentioned:

Running around in circles in the Mega Lo mart takes weight off, too. I’m down to a weight I haven’t seen since probably early 2001. I suppose moving 8 hours a day is bound to do that to you. Shame … Continue reading

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