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Boxcar Children

It’s a bit odd reading chapters from The Boxcar Children to Sadie. You see, Henry’s nickname is Benny. This comes from a combination of his having at times been called Henny, and that having been used in the song The … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to This!

Except it still seems a little weird having Atlas Shrugged updated to be set in modern times, and the characters don’t look much like my mental images. Reardon, to whom I most relate, comes closest. I’m overdue for a reread, … Continue reading

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Presidential Poll

No, not who will be elected, but who you might expect Barack Obama to remind you of should he be elected. Annointed? Sprung forth like a mighty oak from a mere ACORN? Anyway, for your amusement… What other President will … Continue reading

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Arisia Memberships For Sale

Two adult and two babysitting memberships to Arisia, the big New England SF convention I used to help run. I bought them in 2007 for 2008, then rolled them over to 2009. You’re not supposed to be able to roll … Continue reading

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