Technical Bleg

I need to do .htaccess tricks that I haven’t yet figured out, and while I may have time to experiment more today, I thought I’d toss it out here. Probably nobody will know, because I’ve had no response from mailing lists that should have people with guru knowledge, but hey.

We had a blog in Expression Engine. It was at and its URL structure for links to posts went something like:

Those posts are in many cases found in Google search results. If someone clicks one, they now get a not found page generated by WordPress, which we switched to in a blog in the same location as the old blog, but with a different permalink structure.

The Expression Engine blog has moved to a folder, eeblog, so the URL structure for posts is now something like:

The same, but inserting the folder into it. Wouldn’t you think a redirect would be simple? And prominently documented?

I need to either modify .htaccess to intercept any request for a URL with the old structure and direct it to the same in the folder eeblog, or I need for the error page handling in WordPress to use PHP or whatever it can use to detect a URL clearly looking for the old blog posts and send it along.

If it issues a 301, that’s bonus.

Got interrupted, so I forgot what I was saying, but I think that covers it.

What this is not:

  • A request for how to eliminate index.php from the URL.
  • A request for how to move from a folder to the root.
  • Thanks!

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    2 Responses to Technical Bleg

    1. sarahk says:

      I know you’re going to think I’m a terd for suggesting… but I assume you’ve checked out the wordpress wiki and support page and all that?


    2. jaysolo says:

      Quack, quack.

      Maybe not that specifically, but I’ve been on WP pages as well as EE pages as well as Apache pages and so forth in my travels. I’ve also asked 2 mailing lists of people who in part do web development and extensively do server/network/web admin stuff and ought to number people who’d be able to rattle off the format I’d need.

      Basically it looks like I’m stuck spending hours poring over various not-exactly examples and documentation and absorbing enough and experimenting enough to get it right. I have about a dozen tabs open in this browser as we speak, with various sites and forums with related stuff. Need to drop it and check the food & see if the baby is okay and stuff though…

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